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The ethical concept of integrity is that of basing of one's actions on a consistent framework of principles.

Integrity may also refer to:

  • Data integrity a concept from information and telecommunications technology in general and cryptography in particular
  • System integrity, a telecommunications concept regarding the operation of a system
  • Integrity Media, a media communications company that publishes and distributes Christian music, films and related materials.
  • Integrity, a rapper from Chicago, Illinois
  • Integrity (band), a metallic punk band formed in 1988.
  • Integrity (operating system), a real-time operating system manufactured and marketed by Green Hills Software.
  • HP Integrity Servers, a server line from Hewlett-Packard based on the Itanium processor
  • Integrity, a fault-tolerant server line and Unix-based operating system from Tandem Computers whose trademark passed to HP
  • Integrity (ship), a ship that disappeared en route to Chile in 1805.
  • IntegrityUSA, an American non-profit organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Episcopalians and straight friends.
  • Territorial integrity, principle under international law