Intel Parallel Advisor

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Parallel Advisor
Developer(s) Intel Developer Products
Stable release XE 2013 Update 5 / October 8, 2013; 9 months ago (2013-10-08)[1]
Operating system Windows and Linux
Type Profiler
License single user

Intel Parallel Advisor (or Advisor XE) is a shared memory threading design and prototyping tool for C, C++, C# and Fortran software developers and architects. This product is available on Windows and Linux operating systems in form of Standalone GUI tool, Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in or command line interface (also supporting mpirun-driven usage).

  • Advisor "Suitability" feature helps to quickly predict and compare the parallel SMP scalability and performance losses for different possible threading designs.
  • Advisor "Correctness" feature automatically detects loop-carried dependencies and other potential data sharing issues during design phase when they are less expensive to fix.

From public sources it's known to be used by Schlumberger,[2] Sandia national lab as well as by some "leading design" company,[3] who classified it as "a great timesaver" and "incredibly useful tool in supporting parallel algorithm research".

Advisor XE also aims to simplify and speed-up parallel design and implementation by providing step-by-step workflow, claimed to be useful for academia and educational purposes.[4]

It is available as part of Intel Parallel Studio XE

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