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IntelliMouse is a brand of computer mice from Microsoft. The IntelliMouse series is credited[by whom?] with a number of innovations. For example, Microsoft was among the first mouse vendors to introduce a scroll wheel,[1] an optical mouse,[citation needed] and dedicated forward- and back-buttons on the side of the mouse for easier web-browsing.

Microsoft also introduced one of the first mainstream ergonomic mice, the Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. This mouse features an unusual design, tilting the user's hand at an angle to reduce compression of the nerves in the wrist (unlike conventional mice, which have the user's palm facing down).

As of 2013 the IntelliMouse lineup includes a number of models, both wired and wireless, and including the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0. They use IntelliPoint drivers. The main competitor is Logitech.

The Intellimouse was introduced in 1997.[citation needed]

All older Intellimice share their design with the older Microsoft Mouse.


  1. ^ Note however: "Mouse Systems ProAgio Scroll Mouse". Retrieved 2013-08-15. "In 1995 Mouse Systems, owned by KYE since 1990, produced the world's first mouse with a scroll wheel. It sold as Mouse Systems ProAgio and Genius EasyScroll under Kye. [...] Microsoft seized the idea and marketed the concept as part of their IntelliMouse® in 1996."