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The poster for the Inter-Allied Games, depicting an athlete jumping over the flags of the Allied Nations.

The Inter-Allied Games was a one-off multi-sport event held from June 22 - July 6, 1919 at the newly constructed Pershing Stadium just outside Paris, France following the end of World War I. The forum for the games, Pershing Stadium, had been built near the Bois de Vincennes by the U.S. Military in cooperation with the YMCA. The event was only open to participation by military personnel who were currently serving or had formerly served in the armed forces during the War. 18 Nations participated in the proceedings which included, among others, track and field events, swimming, baseball, football, rugby, basketball, tennis, boxing, horse riding events, pistol and rifle marksmanship, and wrestling. Following the conclusion of the games, Pershing Stadium was presented as a gift to the people of France from the United States of America. The area, still known as Le Stade Pershing, continues to be used as an open air recreation park to this day.

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These athletes competed in and won gold medals at the 1919 Inter-Allied Games:

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