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InterMapper is a cross-platform network monitoring program and part of the Help/Systems cross-platform family. HelpSystems is a leading provider of systems management, security, network management, and business intelligence solutions.

The current version of InterMapper comes with a variety of network probes based on ping, SNMP, http and other network protocols used to monitor the state of networked devices and servers. It displays the status of the devices it monitors in maps or lists.[1] For example, the software can monitor the internal state of Apple Inc. Xserves such as fan speed and cpu temperature remotely by using a probe to query the servers.[2] Intermapper can also discover network devices by probing a network, building a map of devices found in each network segment starting from a single IP address.[3] Intermapper also supports alarms for devices that have disappeared from the network or which are in a warning state, and can send alerts via email, pager, console alerts, or script execution.[1][4][5] The software can be configured to display graphs of performance data stored at variable intervals to show trends.[1] Intermapper can export data for use with Google Earth to show network infrastructure on a map,[6] and provides a web service for display of network status and maps.[5]

InterMapper began as a Macintosh program, and was created at Dartmouth College, supporting monitors via both SNMP and Appletalk.[5]


Help/Systems, LLC
Type Privately held company
Industry Network Management, Monitoring, Mapping and Alerting
Founded 2000
Headquarters Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States of America
Key people
  • Janet Dryer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Ties, Chief Financial Officer
  • Matt Bresnan, Director of Research and Development
Employees 135+

HelpSystems, LLC is the privately held company that develops and markets InterMapper. Dartware was purchased from the original founders in December of 2012, by HelpSystems for 1.4 Million US.None of the original founders (William Fisher, Richard Brown) remain.


  • Dartware was named Exporter of the Year for 2010 by ThinkGlobal Inc. publisher of Commercial News USA, the official export promotion magazine of the U.S. Department of Commerce.[7]


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