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InterSystems Caché
Developer(s) InterSystems
Stable release 2014.1.1 / June 2, 2014
Operating system multiple
Type database management and application development
License Proprietary

InterSystems Caché is a commercial object database management system from InterSystems. It provides object and SQL access to the database, as well as allowing direct manipulation of Caché’s underlying data structures. Caché runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, Tru64 UNIX, AIX, Mac OS X and OpenVMS platforms (old, still supported versions of Caché, also run on Data General AViiON and SCO UnixWare). InterSystems claims Caché is the world’s fastest object database.[1] However, high performance is achieved only for transactional operations that have a significantly hierarchical nature.

Notable customers of this DBMS are many hospitals,[2] who use it to run their electronic medical record (EMR) and medicine management systems; financial institutions like Sungard and Axis PATS Clinical software, and telecommunicatons vendors such as BT, and Vodacom.[3] Caché is the most popular object oriented DBMS.[4]


Internally, Caché stores data in multidimensional arrays capable of carrying hierarchically structured data. These are the same “global” data structures used by the MUMPS programming language, which influenced the design of Caché, and are similar to those used by MultiValue (aka PICK) systems. In most applications, however, object and/or SQL access methods are used.

Caché ObjectScript, Caché Basic or T-SQL can be used to develop application business logic. External interfaces include native object binding for C++, Java, EJB, ActiveX, and .NET. Caché supports JDBC and ODBC for relational access. XML and Web Services are also supported.

Caché Server Pages technology allows tag-based creation of Web applications that dynamically generate Web pages, typically using data from a Caché database. Caché also includes InterSystems Zen, an implementation of AJAX that enables component-based development of Rich Internet Applications.


The main competitors are vendors of relational databases such as DB2 from IBM, Sybase from SAP, MS-SQL from Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle, and Oracle's Hyperion Solutions Essbase.


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