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The Trade and Business Development Body (Irish: An Comhlacht Forbartha Trádála agus Gnó;[1] Ulster-Scots: Tha Mercat an Dalin Fordèrin Convenerie),[2] trading as InterTradeIreland, (Irish: IdirThrádáilÉireann; Ulster-Scots: NifferinMercatAirlann) is one of the six all-Ireland bodies set up following the Belfast Agreement reporting to the North/South Ministerial Council. The body manages and implements programmes to build networks and partnerships on the Island. The organisation works in areas such as Science, Technology & Innovation,[3] Sales & Marketing, Business Capability Improvement, Business Networks and Business & Economic Research.

Its mission is: '"To support businesses, through our innovation and trade initiatives, to take advantage of North/South co-operative opportunities to improve capability, and drive competitiveness, jobs and growth.'


InterTradeIreland's Current Board (as at March 2015) are:

  • Chair - Martin Cronin
  • Vice Chair - Joanne Spain
  • Brendan Butler
  • Patricia McKeown
  • Ray Hayden
  • Jack Gallagher
  • Hubert Brown Kerr
  • Timothy Mayes
  • Kevin Norton
  • Terry Crossan
  • Rosemary Delaney
  • Professor Terri Scott

The current CEO of InterTradeIreland is Thomas Hunter McGowan

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Seedcorn Competition[edit]

Every year InterTradeIreland run a business competition called the Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition.

The competition offers a total cash prize fund of €280,000 spread across 9 cash prizes to help the brightest new business stars across the whole island. [4]

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