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The Trade and Business Development Body (Irish: An Comhlacht Forbartha Trádála agus Gnó;[1] Ulster-Scots: Tha Mercat an Dalin Fordèrin Convenerie),[2] trading as InterTradeIreland, (Irish: IdirThrádáilÉireann; Ulster-Scots: NifferinMercatAirlann) is one of the six all-Ireland bodies set up following the Belfast Agreement reporting to the North/South Ministerial Council. The body manages and implements programmes to build networks and partnerships on the Island. The organisation works in areas such as Science, Technology & Innovation,[3] Sales & Marketing, Business Capability Improvement, Business Networks and Business & Economic Research.

Its mission is: '"...of a globally competitive enterprise environment in which Ireland and Northern Ireland co-operate to enhance their respective economic performance and competitiveness through the exploitation of synergies to drive additional internal and external trade and wealth creation.


InterTradeIreland's current board (as of September 2011) are:

  • Chair David Dobbin
  • Vice Chair John Fitzgerald
  • Brendan Butler
  • Ray Doherty
  • Jack Gilmour
  • Hugh Logue
  • Patricia McKeown
  • Dr William Gerard O'Hare CBE
  • Tom Scott OBE
  • Vincent Parker

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Seedcorn Competition[edit]

Every year InterTradeIreland run a business plan competition called Seedcorn.

In 2010 the competition is offering a prize fund of €280,000 spread across 9 cash prizes to help the brightest new business stars across the whole island. [4]

Previous winners include:[5]

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