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Intertrust Technologies
Founder(s) Victor Shear
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, USA

Intertrust Technologies Corporation is a company that invents, develops, and licenses software, technologies and intellectual property for digital rights management (DRM) and trusted computing (TC). The company holds over 150 patents and has over 300 patent applications pending worldwide. Intertrust's inventions enable a broad range of products that use DRM and trusted computing technologies, including operating systems, digital media platforms, consumer electronics and mobile computing devices, web services, and secure enterprise automation. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Seacert, Intertrust provides trust management services for the Marlin and OMA DRM standards. Intertrust provides Marlin DRM server and client SDKs to support any type of server or client, including set-top boxes, Internet TVs, personal computers, mobile phones, and other service-enabled devices. Intertrust is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has regional offices in London and Beijing.

Intertrust was founded in 1990 by inventor-entrepreneur Victor Shear. Shear's vision was to revolutionize electronic commerce by creating technologies that allowed independent actors to establish trust between each other when using digital networks and devices. Shear, a sociologist by training, brought concepts from human behavior, community construction, commerce and economics to life in the digital world in a unique and innovative way. The concepts that Intertrust has developed over the years cross disciplines and impact everything requiring trusted transactions, from healthcare, enterprise computing to entertainment and consumer electronics.

The company has gone through many transformations through its 20 plus year life; starting as a quiet research lab under the name Electronic Publishing Resources in 1990, to becoming a public company providing neutral root of trust services from 1999-2003 (NASDAQ:ITRU), to becoming a private joint venture of Philips, Sony and Stephens Inc. in early 2003. Today, Intertrust is a research and development company focused on invention, licensing, standardization and reference technologies, focused on applications of its technologies to entertainment, healthcare, enterprise computing and smartgrid energy. Intertrust also operates a venture incubator.


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