Interceltic Festival of Avilés

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Interceltic Festival of Avilés
Genre Folk music
Dates July each year.
Location(s) Avilés, AsturiasAsturias
Spain Spain
Years active 1997 - present
Founded by Esbardu

The Interceltic Festival of Avilés (FIA) is celebrated at the beginning of the summer in Avilés and the surrounding area in Asturias, Spain and was founded in 1997. The festival is dedicated to the cultural traditions, and developments, of the Celtic nations (países celtes in Asturias), highlighting music and dance and also including other arts such as painting, photography, theatre, sculpture, traditional craftsmanship as well as sport and gastronomy. It is organized by the Cultural Association Esbardu, located in Avilés.[1]


The idea of a festival in Avilés arose after the Festival Interceltique de Lorient in 1993 when members of Esbardu who took part were impressed by that festival. They started working on a similar (although smaller) idea in Avilés. In the summer of 1997 the project Interceltic Festival of Avilés (FIA) received a small budget from the Asturian regional government and another one from Avilés Town Hall. The success of the first festival meant that the organizers carried on the next year.

In 2006, 1,175 people took part in the festival with 150 acts and performances over eleven days. There were 800 musicians, dancers and actors & actresses in the parade. In 2008 it was officially named, by the Regional Authorities of the Principality of Asturies, as the "Fiesta de Interés Turístico Regional"(Celebration of Regional Tourist Interest).[2] In 2010 choirs from Wales will participate in the festival, namely The Port Talbot Cymric Male Choir and Cor Meibion Y Fflint (Flint Male Voice Choir). The 'Cymric' as it is affectionally known, was the first Welsh male voice choir to perform at the 'Festival Interceltique de Lorient' and this was in 1978. The choir was again invited to Lorient in 1992. Flint have appeared at Lorient five times as well as Interceltic Festivals in Nantes and Paris. They were winners of the Male Voice Choir competition in the 2007 Cor Cymru and finallists again in 2009.


The festival takes place in the Comarca de Avilés, located in Asturias, between Cabo Peñas and the mouth of the Nalón river. It is in the "maritime heart" of Asturias. Avilés, Castrillón, Corvera and Illas are the members of the Comarca. Tourists are also attracted by Avilés Medieval Town Centre, the beaches of the area and large amount of natural areas.[3]

FIA 2008[edit]

From 18 to 27 July 2008, a new edition of the festival is taking place in Avilés and Comarca. Las Noches Célticas (The Celtic Nights):


  • La Bandina de la Curuxa
  • Falanuncaduca
  • Anabel Santiago and M.Lee Woolf


  • Merzhim
  • Bagad Lann Bihoué
  • Korriganed Panvrid


  • Dawnswyr Tawerin



  • Beoga
  • Classac


FIA 2007[edit]

Participants in the 11th festival included [4]


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