Intercollegiate Sailing Association National Championships

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The Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) holds National Championships in six different events. Since intercollegiate sailing is a fall and spring sport, three of these championships are held in the fall and three are held in the spring

The Fall championships are for single-handed men and women and sloops. The single handed championships are usually sailed during a single regatta in early November in builder-supplied Lasers (Men) Laser Radials (Women). The Sloop Championships take place in mid-November using small keelboats supplied by the venue. Each sloop team sails with a crew of four.

The ICSA National Championship Regatta is held once each year in May and is hosted by a member school of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association. The ICSA National Championship Regatta is actually composed of three different regattas: a Team racing Championship, a Women's Championship, and a Coed Dinghy Championship. The most prestigious of these events is the Coed Dinghy Championship and if a school wins this event they are considered to have won college sailing nationals.

A complete listing of past winners and regatta results can be found here.