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Type Limited Liability Partnership
Industry Consulting in the areas of International Education/Training and Career Building
Founded 2000
Headquarters Moscow, Russia

Interlogos is a Russian consulting company in the field of international education, foreign employment and migration consulting. The company is a full member of the Russian Association of Education Abroad Agencies. Its office is situated in Moscow, and it has more than 30 sub-agents and representatives in Russia and Ukraine.


The company has been found in 2000 and is situated in Moscow.

Since 2000 up to 2007 the name of the company was Interlogos-2000.

Since 2007, after the reorganization and division by the shareholders, the company name is INTERLOGOS, and it unites the specialists from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in the areas of foreign education, international employment and recruitment, immigration specialists who has experience with programs and projects in different countries.


  • The specialists with work experience in commercial and state organizations both in Russia and abroad are employed by INTERLOGOS.
  • The employees of INTERLOGOS graduated from the high schools and professional courses in Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany.
  • The General Director of INTERLOGOS company is Anna V. Ryzhova, PhD in Economics and the author of a number of scientific papers and articles, including “International Labor Migration”, which is used and quoted for the statistic data preparation, at the educational institutions and for the preparation of diploma and post-graduate papers.
  • Articles of some of the employees are published in printed and Internet periodical editions.
  • A number of employees have more than one higher education in such fields as Economics, Business Administration, Marketing, Recruitment, Law, Linguistics, Social Sciences.


INTERLOGOS has been awarded seven times by the Diploma of the Moscow Government “For development of youth programs and considerable participation with educational propaganda”.[citation needed]


Participation in international fairs and workshops[edit]

Since 2000 up to 2007 INTERLOGOS participated in a number of fairs and workshops:

Cooperation with foreign educational institutions[edit]

  • Development of marketing strategy in Russia and C.I.S.;
  • Advertising campaign working out;
  • Conducting of presentations, seminars, fairs with the purpose of educational services advertising;
  • Representative offices organization;
  • Development of agents chain in Russia and C.I.S.;
  • Consultations for Russian entrants;
  • Organizational and visa support for Russian students of foreign educational institutions;

Services for Russian customers[edit]

  • consultations in the field of entrance to general education and higher education institutions abroad;
  • foreign languages courses in different countries;
  • vocational and post-graduate courses for Russian specialists abroad;
  • Internship/Training programs;
  • Cultural Exchange programs;
  • Employment and immigration services for specialists