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iD Tech
Established 1999
Type Summer Camp
Location 100+ locations across the United States
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Internal Drive (commonly referred to as iD Tech Camps or iD Tech) is a summer computer camp based in Campbell, California, which specializes in providing computer technology education to children ages 7 through 18. It currently offers programs at over 100 university, college, high school, and elementary school locations throughout the United States.


iD Tech Camps was founded in Los Gatos, California, in 1999. At its inception, the camps were held at 21 university campuses in seven states across North America. Currently, they have programs held at 80+ universities and colleges in 28 states. The company offers more than 40 courses for students to choose from. Students spend the majority of each day immersed in technology and working in small groups, while balancing out the day with traditional summer camp activities. Students have the option to attend day camp or stay the night at most locations. In 2013, the company moved from to, rebranding as iD Tech - Camps, Academies & Online.


iD Tech Camps offers courses in video game design, video game creation, programming, app development, game modding, 3D modeling, robotics, graphic arts, web design, digital video editing, digital photography, and film production for a range of ages.

Video game design[edit]

Campers use graphical development software to create games and content for those games. Courses revolve around designing arcade and platform games, along with role playing games, 3D games and games for the iPhone and iPad. The camp also offers 2-week sessions for teens through the iD Game Design & Development Academy, which is held at Stanford, Harvard, Emory, Villanova, the University of Denver, Vassar, the University of Washington, Texas Christian University, and Lake Forest College. At the academy, students experience more advanced coursework involving level design and more. Students have the chance to tour a game development studio to see how professional game developers work.

3D game modding and modeling camps[edit]

Students are given the opportunity to mod top-rated games by building new environments and maps, while manipulating lighting and re-skinning characters. They can also learn 3D modeling and animation at most camp locations. Advanced courses for teens can be found at the iD Game Design & Development Academy.

Programming and robotics[edit]

Several courses are offered on the topic of programming and robotics. Campers learn about C++ or Java. Basics of Objective-C, Xcode and Cocoa are also taught through iPhone and iPad courses. Students use robotics design systems to engineer a robot for different types of challenges. More advanced courses for teens are offered through iD Programming Academy, which is held at Stanford, MIT, Yale, UNC-Chapel Hill, UCLA, NYU, Lake Forest College, UT Austin, Princeton, and American University, UC Berkeley, Emory, the University of Denver, and the University of Washington. Courses involving programming for game consoles are offered at iD Game Design & Development Academy.

Web, graphic and digital arts[edit]

Courses revolve around digital media and allow students to express themselves through graphic design and web design. Specific graphic design courses include design for advertising (logos, flyers, business cards, etc.). Web design courses teach students to create and publish their own websites.

Video editing and digital photography[edit]

Students learn video editing - specifically, the elements of film production, preproduction planning, camera work and special effects. Students also have the option to enroll in digital photography where they can learn about genre photography, color balance, color correction and lighting techniques. After completing their course session, campers leave with a finished project and their own portfolio. Advanced courses for teens can be found at iD Film Academy, which is held at UC Berkeley, Yale, and NYU.

Online subscription service[edit]

Launching 11/1/11, iD Tech Camps began offering a new subscription-based service so students can continue learning tech skills throughout the year, even once summer has ended. Structured as an online learning community, iD Tech 365 offers online tutorials and video lessons in game design, programming, mobile apps and digital art. This is in addition to online gaming tournaments, community forums and other offerings. The service is not to be confused with iD Tech Camps' free monthly online workshops (formerly known as iD 365) that are available to alumni and current season registrants of iD Tech Camps and Academies.


Summer programs are held at the following universities, colleges, and high schools:[1]


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