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RENAMO insurgency[1] is the ongoing rebellion of the RENAMO party in Mozambique, directed against the government. The insurgency is part of the aftermath of the Mozambican Civil War; it began in mid-2013 and is ongoing,[2] resulting in dozens of deaths.


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Support for RENAMO waned in Mozambique elections, and its leader Afonso Dhlakama in October 2012 began retraining ageing veterans demanding "a new political order".[3] As a result, RENAMO turned to arms once again.


2013 Resurgence[edit]

The activity of RENAMO resurged in April 2013, when armed clashes broke out with a RENAMO attack on a police station in Muxungue.[3]

RENAMO participated in two clashes in August 2013, resulting in the deaths of 36 Mozambique soldiers and policemen according to RENAMO announcement; local media figures were put significantly lower in comparison, reporting just 2 deaths.[3]

On 21 October 2013, a government raid on the RENAMO base in Sofala Province resulted in one rebel death.[4]


In January 2014, 1 person was killed and five injured in a Muxungue ambush by RENAMO.[5]

RENAMO members were suspected of killing four policemen and wounding five others in Mozambique's district of Gorongosa in early March 2014.[6]

A “unilateral ceasefire”, decreed by its leader Afonso Dhlakama, was announced by RENAMO on May 7, 2014.[7]

On May 15, two policemen were killed by RENAMO in the Morutane region of Mocuba district (Zambezia province).[2]

On June 2, Antonio Muchanga (the spokesman of the organization) claimed that “As from today, there are no guarantees of movement”.[7] RENAMO’s explanation for scrapping the truce was a claim that the government was massing forces in the Sofala district of Gorongosa in order to assassinate Dhlakama, who was living in a base on the slopes of the Gorongosa mountain range.[7]

On June 4, the RENAMO rebel movement killed 3 people, attacking a convoy of vehicles on the main north-south highway.[7] Earlier that week 7 people were injured at the same location by RENAMO in similar circumstances.[7]


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