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The International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics (IAAEE) was a prominent group in the promotion of eugenics and segregation, and the first publisher of Mankind Quarterly.[1]


IAAEE was founded in 1959 and has headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. According to Russ Bellant, it was later also incorporated in the United States through the personal agency of Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, a member of the British Cliveden Set which supported appeasement of Adolf Hitler prior to World War II.[2][3]

A. James Gregor was a founding director of the IAAEE which was, according to Gregor, established to restore "an intellectual climate in the U.S., and throughout the Western World, which would permit a free and open discussion of racial ... problems."[4] Gregor would later assert that his association with the organization was based on his concerns about congenital birth defects and the reproduction of the intellectually disabled, as opposed to racial matters. Other members included Senator Jesse Helms and the oil billionaires H. L. Hunt, Herbert and Nelson Bunker Hunt.

The IAAEE's main benefactor was Colonel Wickliffe Draper, a segregationist who opposed the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and sought to fund research that would provide scientific justification for segregation and revive the concept of racial hygiene which had been discredited as a result of the Nazis. In the 1970s Gregor was criticised for accepting grants from the Pioneer Fund which had been established by Draper to advance his views. IAAEE received $82,000 in grants from the Pioneer Fund between 1971 and 1996.

In the 1960s, Stanley Porteus served on the Executive Committee of the IAAEE.[5] Henry E. Garrett, professor emeritus of psychology from Columbia University, was president of the IAAEE and one of the editors of Mankind Quarterly. Other key figures included Robert E. Kuttner and Donald A. Swan. There is currently an active ongoing campaign to rename a student residence hall named after Stanley Porteus at the University of Hawaii because of his history as a racist and a fascist. Robert E. Kuttner's son, Robert B. Kuttner from Creighton University is a well known conservative, rightist, columnist and author still promulgating the philosophy of his father and the IAAEE.

The five founders of IAAEE represent a cross-section of representatives from the International Fascista as described by Charles A. Willoughby (born Adolph Tscheppe-Weidenbach). Adolph Tscheppe-Weidenbach (a/k/a Willoughby) was identified by Dick Russell's unnamed informant as being the lynchpin behind the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy with the alleged complete approval of General of the Armies Douglas A. MacArthur who was relieved of duty by Pres. Harry A. Truman in the early 1950s, in The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell - (Carroll, Graf 1994 & 2002)

  1. R. Ruggles Gates - England - (1882–1962)
  2. Nicholas Lahovary - Hungary - (1883–1963)
  3. Heinrich Quiring - Germany - (1885–1964)
  4. Charles C. Tansill - USA - (1890–1964)
  5. Corrado Gini - Italy - (1884–1965)

Professor Charles C. Tansill was formerly associated with American University in Washington, D.C. but was forced to leave in 1936-37 due to controversial pro-Nazi statements. He also was on boards or committees on each of these organizations or publications also according to Wes McCuen from Group Research: the John Birch Society, Mankind Quarterly, American Mercury, Citizens Foreign Aid Committee, Federation of Conservatives, Human Events Magazine (also partially funded by Wickliffe Draper), and the Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberty.

The Executive Committee of IAAEE consisted of the following representatives in the mid-1960s:

  1. Professor Garret Daams, Kent State who was present during the Kent State riots and murders during 1968 and was involved with writing extensive justifications for this horrible tragedy.
  2. Professor Henry E. Garrett, Columbia University, Draper Committees, Pioneer Fund, White Citizens' Councils Professor Garrett used to brag to colleagues that he was related to the "Garrett's Farm" owner where John Wilkes Booth was discovered hiding after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.
  3. Professor Robert Gayre, University of Saugor, India the predecessor of Roger Pearson at the Institute for the Study of Man (ISM) and Mankind Quarterly. The close relationship between Gayre and Wickliffe Draper began when Draper was involved as a forward observer during World War II as a Colonel with army intelligence in India. Roger Pearson was later head of the World Anti-Communist League during its most pro-Fascist and violent periods of anti-Communist military activity in Latin America.
  4. Professor Luigi Gedda, member of P-2 the secret fascist organization in Rome, Italy
  5. Professor Wesley C. George, University of North Carolina, Pioneer Fund funding recipient and frequent contributor to White Citizens's Councils publications and "Right Magazine" published by Willis Carto and funded by Wickliffe Draper.
  6. Professor William C. Hoy, University of South Carolina Pioneer Fund funding recipient who was a close friend of Senator J. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina. Thurmond was the presidential candidate of Joseph Milteer's NSRP and the DixieCrat Party, and was also surreptitiously referenced by Richard Condon his novel, The Manchurian Candidate as "Senator Thomas Jordan" which is almost a perfect anagram on a letter-for-letter basis for "J. Strom Thurmond" or "J. Strom Thormond" since Thor was the Greek God for War.
  7. Professor Robert Kuttner, Creighton University on the Liberty Lobby Board of Policy and an editor for The American Mercury. His son, Robert B. Kuttner is a nationally syndicated columnist whose right wing predilections are foisted on the unsuspecting public without any knowledge of his father's background.
  8. Professor Frank C. J. McGurk, Alabama State recipient of funding from the Pioneer Fund
  9. Professor Clarence P. Oliver, University of Texas who is the brother of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver who was a Warren Commission voluntary interviewee and on the board of the pro-fascist and racist Church of the Creator. One of their members went on a shooting spree near the Urbana, Illinois campus of the University of Illinois where Oliver had worked killing or wounding several persons at random who were members of racial minority groups in the late 1990s. (New York Times and the Chicago Tribune)
  10. Professor Robert Osborne, University of Georgia, most likely related to Fairfield Osborne an incorporator of the Pioneer Fund who co-authored books with Nathaniel Weyl, a proto-Fascist eugenicist and a staunch believer in white supremacy causes who tried to frame Alger T. Hiss for alleged communist affiliations. Alger Hiss attributed his persecution to members of the British Cliveden Set run by Lord Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton whose brother was the host for Rudolph Hess when he parachuted into England on an isolationist mission in support of Adolf Hitler's war aims. Lord Douglas-Hamilton was also on the Armed Services Committee along with Charles Willoughby, of the racist and pro-Fascist Shickshinny Knights of Malta one of the many non-credentialed "mimic orders" patterned after the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. Joining them on this committee were Lt. Gen. Pedro a del Valle, who once invited an unrepentant Nazi to speak at the U.S. Naval Academy, Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso, who ran the Vatican Rat Lines behind the back of Giovanni Battista Montini (Pope Paul VI) as his emissary, and Brigadier General Bonner Fellers who was not only mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon but was also implicated as the person who leaked the tank movement plans of British General Montgomery directly to Nazi General Rommel, making it appear as if he deserved the title of "The Desert Fox" when in fact James J. Angleton from the Rome based OSS office fed him this inside information directly.
  11. Professor K. Otto Reche, University of Vienna " anthropologist who later became a leading figure in planning for the 'removal' of 'inferior' populations in eastern Germany." [Stefan Kühl. The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994] Reche was a member of the German Society for Racial Hygiene and the Chairman of the Vienna Society for Racial Care. K. Otto Reche is the most direct linkage from IAAEE into Hitler's Master Race policies and the Nuremberg Laws. Draper himself created the controversial Supreme Court case called Buck vs. Bell (1924) heard by Oliver Wendell Holmes, which became the justification for his "involuntary sterilization" campaigns from 1924-1972 resulting in the sterilization of 75,000 individuals in dozens of states. See: "Against Their Will" a revealing series of articles by Kevin Begos in the Winston-Salem Times.
  12. Helmut Reuning, NIPR, South Africa, supported apartheid policies of South African government
  13. Professor Ernest van den Haag, New York University on the American Committee for Aid to the Katanga Freedom Fighters, The Charles Edison Dinner Committee (son of Thomas Alva Edison and a founder of William F. Buckley's YAF group), the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a frequent contributor to William F. Buckley's National Review. van den Haag opposed the 1954 Supreme Court Desegregation decision on the basis that it was based on "inaccurate psychological conclusions."
  14. Professor Armando Vivante, Bueno Aires, Argentina. Not much is known about Vivante, but he was reported to have been involved with contacting and harboring escaped Nazi war criminals in South America
  15. Professor J. D. L. Hofmeyr, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa. Someone whose name appears often on the masthead of the racist reich in America and a rapid supporter of "apartheid policies."
  16. Professor C. D. Darlington, Oxford University

The IAAEE, according to the eight-page organizational description printed by Wes McCuen of Group Research, Inc. in 1969, is also closely associated with the "Noontide Press" of Willis A. Carto and the Eagle Forum of Major Gen. Edwin A. Walker, who was identified by Jack Ruby in his Warren Commission testimony as being directly behind the murder of John F. Kennedy.

"IAAEE members have written for two Noontide Press publications, Western Destiny and American Mercury, while the sole distributor for Mankind Quarterly (of Roger A. Pearson), semi-official organ for IAAEE, is Noontide."

The source of this statement was from Wes McCuen and Wilbur Baldinger from the Group Research Published Monograph (June, 1965). Group Research, located in Washington, D.C. was the main intelligence gathering arm of Victor and Walter Reuther of the United Auto Workers Union as part of their efforts to combat the anti-Union forces among American anti-Communists, the major industrialists from the National Association of Manufacturers and both Ford Motor Company and Sears Roebuck, plus the Draper Company which was partially owned by Wickliffe Draper and the other militant rightists with large employee bases.

The officers of IAAEE in 1969, included the following persons with affiliations to either The Pioneer Fund, the Liberty Lobby or related right wing extremeist organizations violently opposed to John F. Kennedy:

Robert E. Kuttner - Member Board of Policy Liberty Lobby, contributing editor American Mercury.

Donald A. Swan -Pioneer Fund grant recipient and Assistant Editor Mankind Quarterly Professor.

Professor Swan once had his house raided and the amount of Nazi memorabilia and paraphernalia that was discovered was astounding, according to one of the arresting officers.

Listed as an "Associate" of IAAEE by Wes McCuen of Group Watch, in Washington, D.C. is Attorney Sam Crutchfield, Jr. who was part of the nefarious and sinister Jesse Helms organization. He has provided legal advice to the Jesse Helms camp for years and was formerly chairman of the Virginia State Advisory Board of "Young Americans for Freedom" started by William F. Buckley, Jr., Marvin Liebman and Douglas Caddy in Connecticut. Funding for YAF came from multi-millionaires Charles Edison according to Douglas Caddy, the Georgetown roommate of Clendenin J. Ryan, Jr., and from Clendenin J. Ryan, Sr. as well according to John Bevilaqua on the Spartacus Education Forum who has been investigating the Kennedy assassination and Wickliffe Draper for almost 20 years.

Crutchfield was also the attorney of record for the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission during the period when Wickliffe Draper provided secretive funding to the MSC using his J. P. Morgan trust fund account as documented by recent Pulitzer Prize winning author, Doug Blackmon in a Wall Street Journal article published on June 11, 1999. Three of the four major funds transfers from Draper to the MSC occurred either right after the assassination of Medgar Evers, Jr., in Mississippi in June 1963, just before the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, in Mobile, Alabama, in September 1963, killing several choir girls, or just before the murders of the Freedom Riders: Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman in Philadelphia, Mississippi in June 1964. Draper was linked to the Medgar Evers, Jr. murder via Senator James Eastland, from Mississippi, who headed up the Draper Genetics Committee for the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Evers' killer was Ku Klux Klan and National States Rights Party (NSRP) member, Byron De La Beckwith, who was visited often in jail after he was arrested for the murder of Medgar Evers, Jr. by Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker who had organized and led the riots at Ole Miss when James Meredith attempted to enroll there as the first Afro-American student. Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker was specifically named by Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, in his Warren Commission testimony as being directly involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Byron De La Beckwith whose middle name was only one word and pronounced like "delay" and not like "day-lah" was also a close friend of Joseph A. Milteer a racist leader in both the KKK and the NSRP, who predicted the exact way that JFK would meet his ultimate demise a few weeks before the assassination actually occurred: "...from a tall building with a high-powered rifle." This statement was made by Milteer and secretly tape recorded by Willie Somersett, an informant for the City of Miami Police Intelligence Division. This intelligence gathering incident was arranged by Lt. Gracey Lockhart from that department while Somersett and Milteer were attending a Congress of Freedom convention in Indiana. The Congress of Freedom was started in the early 1950s by Willis A. Carto with financial support from Wickliffe Draper. Conventions of the COF[clarification needed] featured rabble-rousing, hate filled and vitriolic anti-Kennedy speeches made by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver who was later referred to in the novel, 'The Manchurian Candidate, by Richard Condon in 1959. Some of his bombastic, vindictive and hate filled tape recorded anti-Kennedy speeches can be heard at this white supremacist website.[6]


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