International Association of Immunization Managers

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The International Association of Immunization Managers
Abbreviation IAIM
Formation June 24, 2013
Type Non-profit
Legal status Association
Purpose Immunization
Headquarters Washington D.C.
Region served Worldwide
Official language English
Team leader Ciro de Quadros
Website Official website

The International Association of Immunization Managers (IAIM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing suffering caused by vaccine-preventable and tropical diseases. IAIM is a membership organization, and the target population includes immunization managers at the national and sub-national level from both the public and private sectors and other professionals interested in immunizations.[1]


The International Association of Immunization Managers, established with the help of a five-year grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was found in attempt to drive the achievement of international, national and regional immunization goals.[2] The IAIM should put these goals in effect through the fostering of forward-thinking and the superior management of immunization programs. Founded and headed by the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the Institute will be responsible for executing IAIM’s day-to-day operations.


IAIM established a forum from which immunization managers can discuss and exchange best practices that build and support international and regional networks of immunization managers and provide immunization managers with opportunities to improve their technical and leadership capacity.[1]

Immunization managers manage and integrate all of the elements needed for a successful immunization program, including an effective cold chain, reliable funding and effective surveillance systems. The IAIM also serves as a forum for immunization managers to discuss and exchange best practices, build and support international and regional networks and gain opportunities to develop technical and leadership capacity.[3]

Leadership and Governing Council[edit]

Ciro de Quadros, the executive vice president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, will lead this effort.

The Council is composed of individuals from all parts of the world who are either current immunization managers or who have relevant leadership experience in immunizations. The following individuals are the members of the association’s first Governing Council (known as the ad hoc Governing Council):

  • Dr. David Salisbury (United Kingdom): President, ad hoc Governing Council and Director of Immunisation, Department of Health
  • Dr. Kwadwo Odei Antwi-Agyei (Ghana): National EPI Programme Manager, DCD, Ghana Health Service
  • Dr. Salah Al Awaidy (Oman): Consultant Epidemiologist, Communicable Diseases Advisor to Health Affairs, Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Silvia Bino (Albania): Head, Control of Infectious Diseases and Immunization Department, Institute of Public Health
  • Ms. Claire Hannan (United States): Executive Director, Association of Immunization Managers
  • Dr. Jaleela Sayed Jawad Hasan Jawad (Bahrain): Public Health Consultant, Head of Immunization Group, Public Health Directorate, Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Chong Chee Kheong (Malaysia): Director of Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Karen Lewis-Bell (Jamaica): Director of Family Health Services, Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Li Li (China): Director of National Immunization Programme, China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Dr. Paba Paliwadana (Sri Lanka): Chief Epidemiologist, Director of Central Epidemiological Unit, Ministry of Health
  • Dr. Gayane Sahakyan (Armenia): National Immunization Programme Manager, State Hygiene and Anti-Epidemic Inspectorate, Ministry of Health
  • Mr. Johann van den Heever (South Africa): Manager, Expanded Programme on Immunization, Department of Health
  • Dr. Carla Vizzotti (Argentina): Head of the National Program for Control of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Ministry of Health


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