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The International Association of Labour Law Journals is a learned society that aims to promote the international study and exchange of labour law publications. It consists of twenty-one law reviews published in countries across the world. The current president is Steven L. Willborn (University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Law).[1]


The association seeks to fulfil three principal goals: (1) Further academic achievement in the areas of labour and employment law; (2) Foster sharing of information relevant to the publishing process; and (3) Create greater connections between the editors-in-chief of national and international labour and employment law journals.[1]

Marco Biagi Award[edit]

The late Italian jurist Marco Biagi was instrumental in forming the Association, originally called the Club of Labour Law Journals, and served as its first president.[1] Biagi was assassinated in 2002 by the Red Brigades-PCC.[2] In his honour, the Association Awards the Marco Biagi Award each year for the best paper on comparative or international labour law by a young scholar.[1]


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