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International Business Times
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The September 9, 2010 front page of
The IBTimes home page
Type 24/7
Format Online
Owner(s) IBT Media[1]
Editor Peter S. Goodman[2]
Founded 2006
Language English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian
Headquarters 7 Hanover Square, Fl 5
Manhattan, New York City, US
Official website

The International Business Times is an online news publication,[1] comprising 10 national editions and seven languages. The publication, sometimes called IBTimes or IBT, offers news, opinion, and editorial commentary on business and business-related stories.[3] It is ranked by Alexa as the fourth-most visited site among business newspapers.[4]

IBTimes was launched in 2005; it is owned by IBT Media,[1] and was founded by Etienne Uzac and Johnathan Davis. Its headquarters are in a former Newsweek office in the Financial District of New York,[5] where it employs approximately thirty full-time writers.[citation needed]


Founder Etienne Uzac, a native of France, came up with the idea for the global business news site while a student at the London School of Economics. He found that the strongest business newspapers had a focus on the U.S and Europe and planned to provide broader geographic coverage. Uzac recruited Johnathan Davis to join him in the enterprise.[6] In late 2005 Uzac and Davis moved to New York to launch the site, with Uzac primarily focused on business strategy while Davis coded the site and wrote the first articles.[7] The site went live in December 2005, and the company was incorporated in April 2006 as the The International Business Times Inc.[8][original research?]

A hand-drawn blueprint, created in 2007 by Davis, outlining what would become the IBTimes FX Center.

Dev Pragad joined the company after finishing his doctorate in electrical engineering at King's College London in 2009 to help set up the global network. Pragad had previously worked with Uzac and Davis on technology and operations matters on a part-time basis. In 2007, the company launched the IBT Forex Center (Forex: foreign exchange).

In May 2012, the company announced that Jeffery Rothfeder had been appointed as the publication's new Editor-in-Chief, while Davis, who previously served as Executive Editor, will manage the company's content strategy across all platforms as the Chief Content Officer.[9]

On August 4, 2013, IBT Media, the owner of IBTimes, announced its purchase of Newsweek and from IAC/InterActiveCorp. The purchase does not include The Daily Beast.[10] Peter S. Goodman became the editor in 2014.

IBTimes experienced rapid growth, particularly through 2010 and 2011.[11][original research?]

By October 2011, the site ranked within the top 400 U.S properties,[12] and the top 900 global websites.[13]

Of the other 9 editions, the International Business Times UK (or IBTimes UK) is the largest and most established, with a newsroom at 25 Canada Square in Canary Wharf, London.[14]


Students of Olivet University used to work for IBT Media in the early days of the International Business Times, during the early days of the news publication, often by skirting rules for work of students brought to America on visas.[15]

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