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International Circle of Faith (ICOF) is a global Pentecostal group which is active in many different countries, including Nigeria, Ireland, Canada, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and Zambia. ICOF has members in virtually every country in the world. The primary focus of the ICOF is the restoration of the New Testament Church and the teachings of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. The International Circle of Faith promotes an active five-fold ministry, the operation of the spiritual gifts and the infilling of the Holy Spirit for every believer.


The International Circle of Faith traces its beginning to the Apostolic Faith movement circa 1901,founded by Charles Parham and William Seymour. The ICOF is a continuation of the P.A. of J. C. a group formed in 1931 by the merger of the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ and The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. This is a result of a Unity Conference which was held in Columbus, Ohio to explore ways to unify the Pentecostal groups. That same year Bishop Ray Oscar Cornell established the Apostolic Faith Church of God in Cleveland, Ohio.[1]

The P. A. of J. C. PAJC was reorganized in 1955 by Bishop Ray Cornell, Bishop Carl Angle and Bishop Charles Bernard (C. B.) Gillespie.[2]

In 2001 the group was again reorganized by a group including Dr. Jerome Campher (South Africa), Dr. Frank Repper, Dr. Bernie L. Wade, Dr. Aniefiok Simonson (Nigeria), Bishop Harold McFarlane and others. In a meeting in Cleveland, Ohio in 2001 they decided to name the reorganized effort International Circle of Faith, ICOF.[3]

Some have said that ICOF is the largest Apostolic network in the history of the world.


ICOF is the publisher of the Next Wave magazine. Editor Bernie L. Wade[4] Other publications include TGIF - Editor David Tait


The President of ICOF is Bishop Derrick Day. Other key leaders include:[5][6]


ICOF Chaplaincy Corp is led by Barney Phillips, Bishop Derrick Day and Bishop Daniel Joseph Ubonabasi.

ICOF world headquarters are in Washington DC USA. The US headquarters are in Louisville, Kentucky.[7]


International Circle of Faith operates a network of Christian education organizations formerly called International Circle of Faith Colleges, Seminaries and Universities (ICOF CSU).[8] In August 2014 this network and all of it more than 400 partners merged to become Life College [9]

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