International Conference on Information Systems

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International Conference on Information Systems
Abbreviation ICIS
Discipline Information systems
Publication details
History 1980–present
Frequency annual

International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) is an annual international conference for academics and research-oriented practitioners in the area of information systems. Previously known as the Conference on Information Systems (CIS), ICIS is the flagship conference of the Association for Information Systems, an international professional organization serving academics in information systems. It is generally regarded as one of the most prestigious gatherings for the information systems research community around the world.[1][2][3][4]

ICIS was founded in 1980 at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the first conference was held in Philadelphia the same year. Starting 1990, when it had its first international venue in Copenhagen ICIS has been traditionally held outside of North America once every several years. ICIS is usually scheduled in early December and lasts for four days.

The conference is preceded by the ICIS Doctoral Consortium,[5] held off site usually in a nearby resort. The consortium brings together senior faculty from Information Systems (many of whom were participants in past consortia) and ~40 doctoral students, selected from ~120 nominations (each university or institution is allowed to nominate only one participant).

ICIS Conferences[edit]

Year City Country
2017 Seoul, South Korea South Korea
2016 Dublin, Ireland Ireland
2015 Ft. Worth, Texas USA
2014 Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand
2013 Milan, Italy Italy
2012 Orlando, Florida USA
2011 Shanghai, China China
2010 St. Louis, Missouri USA
2009 Phoenix, Arizona USA
2008 Paris France
2007 Montreal Canada
2006 Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
2005 Las Vegas, Nevada USA
2004 Washington, D.C. USA
2003 Seattle, Washington USA
2002 Barcelona Spain
2001 New Orleans, Louisiana USA
2000 Brisbane Australia
1999 Charlotte, North Carolina USA
1998 Helsinki Finland
1997 Atlanta, Georgia USA
1996 Cleveland, Ohio USA
1995 Amsterdam The Netherlands
1994 Vancouver Canada
1993 Orlando, Florida USA
1992 Dallas, Texas USA
1991 New York City, New York USA
1990 Copenhagen Denmark
1989 Boston, Massachusetts USA
1988 Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
1987 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
1986 San Diego, California USA
1985 Indianapolis, Indiana USA
1984 Tucson, Arizona USA
1983 Houston, Texas USA
1982 Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
1981 Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
1980 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


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