Future Tactical Truck Systems

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Future Tactical Truck Systems
Future Tactical Truck Systems.jpg
Artist impression
Type Utility vehicle
Place of origin  United States

The Future Tactical Truck Systems (FTTS) was a U.S. Military program to replace the HMMWV. Work apparently stopped sometime between 2006–07 and never resumed. Elements of FTTS were used in the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program.


To evaluate possible future truck systems and designs, the U.S. Army's Tank-automotive and Armaments Command refereed the Future Tactical Truck Systems - Advanced Concepts and Technology Demonstration (ACTD) program. Navistar International and Lockheed Martin's proposals, the International FTTS and Lockheed FTTS Utility Vehicles were selected, as well as the Armor Holdings proposal for the MSV.[1] In August 2006 they were tested at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Following this evaluation they were parked in The Pentagon courtyard for evaluation by higher-ranking military officials.



International truck[edit]

Technology Demonstrator

International Truck's proposal for FTTS utilized a Parallel Hybrid Drivetrain and modular armor. It has undergone testing by 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division and 14th Engineer Battalion at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds and Fort Lewis, along with Lockheed Martin's design and Armor Holdings' Maneuver Sustainment Vehicle.[2][3]


Utility Vehicle[edit]


FTTS-UV Support
FTTS-UV Ambulance


FTTS-UV Support

Maneuver Sustainment Vehicle[edit]

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