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International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization founded by inventor associations in 1968.[1]

IFIA is the universal acronym for the International Federation of Inventors' Associations.

IFIA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization created by seven European inventor associations in 1968. IFIA is the only organization which groups inventors associations worldwide, and a unique spokesman for inventors.

IFIA Partnership[edit]

IFIA'S objectives are to improve the status of inventors at national and international levels, and to promote cooperation between inventor associations

  • IFIA enjoys observer status at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • IFIA is observer status (Special Category - Technology) at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • IFIA is also a member of the Standing Advisory Committee before the European Patent Office (SACEPO), in Munich, Germany.
  • IFIA is also a member of the NGO Branch is the focal point within the United Nations for Non-Governmental Organizations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

The history of IFIA[edit]

In the year 1968, there was very good relation between SUF – The Swedish Inventors Association and the governmental institutions, which ware appointed by the government to support independent inventors. One of the important persons at that time was Dr. Harald Romanus, leader of the governmental institution “Swedish Inventors Office”. He was also deeply involved in the SUF matters. He recognises that it was a necessity to organize an organization to take care of the independent inventors’ questions on an international arena. Mostly, as it is today, it was the Intellectual Property (IP) question, which even at that time was placed at the top of the agenda.

IFIA Previous Presidents[edit]

Dr. Romans took contact with his Norwegian colleague Mr. Leif Nordstrand and together they formulated the first statutes for the organization which was named International Federation of Inventors Association – IFIA. The first statute was ratified at a meeting in London 1968. The first President was:

  1. Dr. Freidrich Burmester from Germany 1968-1972
  2. Mr.Leif Nordstrand,Norway 1972-1976
  3. Mr.Sam Green,Gt Britain 1976-1980
  4. Mr.Lennart Nilsson,Sweden 1980-1984
  5. Mr.Frnando Fernandez,Argentina 1984-1990
  6. Dr.Farag Moussa,Switzerland 1994-1998 / 1998-2002 /2002-2006
  7. Dr.András Vedres,Hungary.2006-2010 / 2010-2014
  8. Mr.Alireza Rastegar,Iran 2014-2018

At the early time of IFIAs development the associations from the Nordic countries, Germany, England, Holland, Switzerland and France had an important role for the development activities within IFIA. IFIA had also the honour very early to work together with World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO With the support from WIPO IFIA also had the possibility to expend IFIA and include even inventor’s associations from a lot of countries, mainly from developing countries.

The main questions the first years on the IFIA agenda were harmonization of the national patent laws within the PCT-system. Questions about year of Grace and Inventors Certificates.

From about 1975 the main questions concerned how to develop education programs and consultant service to the individual inventors.

From about 1985 focus was on how to expand IFIA including mostly the developing countries. A lot of seminaries relates to young inventors and women inventors.

2004 was the first modification of the IFIAs statutes sins 1968 From this time the focus was oriented more and more to Inventors Exhibitions and is even today the highest prioritized activities within IFIA

IFIA Statutes[edit]

Last IFIA edition was 2004


General Assembly[edit]

89 Countries

IFIA Honorary President

IFIA Honorary President[edit]


IFIA President[edit]

Alireza Rastegar


Main Activities[edit]

  • publication of reference books, guides, surveys, studies
  • conferences, seminars, workshops, expert group meetings, lectures
  • competitions and awards for inventions
  • illustrative exhibits related to inventors & inventions
  • assistance in the creation of inventor associations
  • consultative services
  • creation of international networking among inventors
  • promotion of inventions through Internet


Full members are inventor associations; the general rule is one per country

  1. inventor associations other than the one representing a country as a full member (i.e., local inventor associations, or organizations and associations specific to women, or to youth);associations of scientists, researchers, etc.;
  2. Corresponding members are:corporations and companies, in particular micro and small enterprises.
  3. Collaborating members are:

foundations;governmental agencies which promote inventive activity;innovation centers, research centers and universities;international invention exhibitions.


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