International Federation of Muaythai Amateur

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International Federation of Muaythai Amateur
Abbreviation IFMA
Formation 1993
Legal status Federation
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
Region served Worldwide
Membership 128[1]
President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan
Website International Federation of Muaythai Amateur

The International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, or IFMA, is the sole governing body of amateur Muay Thai consisting of 128 member countries worldwide with 5 continental federations. IFMA is officially recognised by SportAccord,[2] the Olympic Council of Asia,[3] WADA[4] and TAFISA.[5] IFMA is in partnership with Peace and Sport[6] and Generations For Peace.[7] Its headquarters are located in Bangkok, Thailand. They participate in events such as the SportAccord World Combat Games, Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games, The Southeast Asian Games and Arafura Games, and organise the IFMA World Championships as well as other special events.

On 30 July 2013 media reported that the 2013 SEA games would not be governed by the rules of Ifma.[8]


IFMA was officially inaugurated after 1999 with less than twenty countries and organised their first World Championship in the same year. Since this time the federation has grown to 128 countries and has hosted multiple World Championships in different countries. IFMA states their goal as the promotion of Muay Thai as a medium for cultural exchange and to raise awareness of the fighting discipline with Thai tradition.[9]


Some of the milestones which IFMA has achieved throughout the years:[10]

  • 1993 – Inauguration of IFMA
  • 1995 – First inclusion in the 18th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games)
  • 1998 – Inclusion as a demonstration sport in the Asian Games
  • 1999 – Recognition from the Olympic Council of Asia
  • 2005 – Inclusion in the 23rd SEA Games as a fully recognised medal sport
  • 2005 – Inclusion in the Asian Indoor Games
  • 2006 – Recognition from the GAISF (SportAccord)
  • 2008 – Inclusion in the TAFISA Games
  • 2008 – Inclusion in the Arafura Games
  • 2010 – Participation at the 1st Edition of the SportAccord World Combat Games

Notable upcoming events[edit]

Olympic Games[edit]

In April 2012, IFMA marked the official launch of the Muaythai towards IOC campaign at a special gala event in which IFMA lodged its Letter of intent to apply for International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognition to IOC Executive Board Member Dr CK Wu. At the same time, an application to be included in the 2017 World Games was handed to Mr. Ron Froehlich, President of the International World Games Association.

IFMA World Championships[edit]

Since 1993 IFMA has held 15 World Championships. The number of countries involved has grown from around 20 at the first World Championships to almost a hundred (as of 2012). The location of the World Championships changes every year; past counties include: Thailand, Kazakhstan, Korea, Uzbekistan and Russia. The 2014 World Championships are set to be held in Malaysia.

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