International Forum on Globalization

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International Forum on Globalization
International Forum on Globalization - logo 01.jpg
Founded January 1994
Focus Public education
Product Globalization impact research, advocacy
Key people 2012 Staff: Victor Menotti (Exec. Dir.)
Eileen Hazel (Fin, Ops Mgr)
Anjulie Palta (Comm & Ofc Mgr)
Kourosh Behnam (Prog. Assoc.)
Revenue Membership

The International Forum on Globalization (IFG) is a San Francisco-based educational alliance of sixty activists, scholars, economists, researchers and writers. It was established in response to increasing economic globalization, to "promote equitable, democratic, and ecologically sustainable economies."[1]


IFG publishes research detailing various aspects of the impact of global economic forces related to globalization, such as the 2010 paper "Outing the Oligarchy",[2] the 2011 report "Nuclear Roulette: The Case Against a 'Nuclear Renaissance'",[3] the 2009 paper "Searching for a Miracle",[4] and papers published in collaboration with other research and advocacy groups.[5]

In 2002, the organization published International Forum on Globalization: Alternatives to Economic Globalization, a 260-page collection of articles presenting "10 governing principles for new rules and institutions for the global economy, rules that will lead to more democratic and sustainable societies."[6] The 2004 2nd edition was expanded to 408 pages.[7] A 2003 review of the book in Yes! magazine stated that it "elaborates key principles for sustainable societies and sketches policy perspectives for a de-globalized world order, for corporate accountability, for resource-light production patterns, and for fair trade relations." However, the book had "heavy-handed prose", some "unverifiable sources, and uneven quality. Yet the reader's patience will be more than rewarded."[8]

Board of directors[edit]


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