International Franz Liszt Piano Competition

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This article is about the competition held in the Netherlands. For the former competition held in Budapest, see Franz Liszt International Piano Competition (Budapest).

The International Franz Liszt Piano Competition ("Liszt Competition") is an international piano competition. It is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions.

The Competition is held in Utrecht in the Netherlands. It first took place in 1986, one hundred years after the death of Franz Liszt. The piano competition was well received from the outset by both concert audiences and the music press, and the resoundingly positive response to the first competition was a great incentive to continue.[citation needed] The success of the subsequent competitions made it very clear that there was no going back: the Liszt Competition had taken its place on the world stage of international piano competitions, and each of the seven subsequent competitions has only made the competition's position more secure.

Since the first time the Liszt Competition was held it has had the privilege of welcoming over two hundred selected participants of extremely high calibre from all over the world.

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