International H.K.D Games

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International H.K.D Games
Competitors at the 6th International H.K.D Games.
Korean name
Hangul 국제합기도대회
국제 H.K.D 무술대회
Hanja 國際合氣道大會
Revised Romanization Gukje Hapgido Daehoe
Gukje H.K.D Musul Daehoe
McCune–Reischauer Kukche Hapkido Taehoe
Kukche H.K.D Musul Taehoe

The International H.K.D Games are an event organized by the International H.K.D Federation in South Korea to promote the martial arts of hapkido, hankido and hankumdo. The name of the event has been changed a few times since the first edition in 1990. Internationally the event is however known as the International HKD Games. The games were the idea of Myung Jae Nam, who was also the founder of the I.H.F.


The goal of the games is to bring hapkido practitioners, mainly those who are a member of the IHF, together in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual love for the HKD-arts and thus promote the IHF-styles of hankido, hapkido and hankumdo. This international event is a place where IHF members from all over the world gather to train together and discus their arts. Usually in the days before and after the event special seminars take place at the IHF headquarters to educate the international members.


First games[edit]

On April 1, 1990 the games were first held at the Jang Chung Stadium in Seoul. These games were mainly used to draw attention the newly founded art of hankido. The games did get some media attention and the Korean Broadcasting System(KBS) showed a reportage of the games on TV. These first games weren't exactly an international event. Only Brazil had joined the games with a full team. A registration of the event was later put on video.

Second games[edit]

The second edition of the games took place in the summer of 1994 in the city of Incheon on August 12 and 13. This time a lot more international teams had joined.

Third games[edit]

In 1997, on August 16 and 17, the games were held for the first time at the I.H.F headquarters near the city of Yongin. During the opening festivities a newly developed sword art, called hankumdo, was demonstrated to the public. It was also from these games on that hankumdo was one of the competitions players could participate in.

The third games saw a name change to International H.K.D Martial Arts Competition (국제 H.K.D 무술대회), placing more emphasis on the fact that there were multiple martial arts being competed in. These games were the last games Myung Jae Nam attended himself, he died in 1999.

The I.H.F made a video available of these games as well.

Fourth games[edit]

After Myung Jae Nam's death in 1999 the fourth edition of the games the summer of 2000 were used to commemorate him. Ceremonies were held near Myung Jae Nam's tomb which is located at the I.H.F headquarters compound where the games took place. The games lasted two days, namely August 12 and 13.

Fifth games[edit]

The fifth games were held on August 10 and 11 of 2002 in the city of Seongnam. The games saw a very strong international players field. During the opening ceremony it became clear that the I.H.F was heading in a new technical direction. Later a video with a registration of the event was made available.

Sixth games[edit]

On August 15, 2004 hapkido practitioners gathered at the stadium in Yongin to join the sixth edition of the games. The games only lasted one day this time and only a few international delegations had joined, most notably the teams from Chile and the Netherlands. Other international competitors joined on personal title.

Seventh games[edit]

On July 22 of 2007 the games again took place in the city of Yong-In. People from fifteen different nations joined the games. A total of around 1500 people attended these games. It was also during the preparation for these games that the IHF started training international referees.

Eighth games[edit]

The first time the international games took place outside South-Korea was in 2010. The competition was held in Battle Creek, Michigan on August 6,7, and 8.[1]

Ninth games[edit]

The 9th International Hapkido Games will be held on July 20 and 21, 2013 in Seoul. The games bare the name '9th Triennial World Hapkido Championships' and will also be open to praticipants from other organizations than the IHF.

Tenth games[edit]

The 10th edition will probably take place in 2016 in Brazil.


Competitors joining the game can compete in several different disciplines, both individually and as a team. Which disciplines are available can differ from event to event. Here a few examples of disciplines that took place during previous games:

  • Hapkido team and duo demonstrations
  • Hankido team and duo demonstrations
  • Hankumdo team and duo demonstrations
  • Falling, individual, distance jump
  • Falling, individual, high jump
  • Falling, individual, technical
  • Kicking techniques, individual, technical
  • Sparring, individual

Korean schools compete each other in the team demonstrations. The winning Korean teams enters the international pool where they have to compete against the international teams.

National games[edit]



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