International Handball Federation

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International Handball Federation (IHF)
International Handball Federation logo.svg
Logo IHF
Formation 11 July 1946
Type Sport federation
Headquarters Basel, Switzerland
163 national federations
Official language
English, French and German
Hassan Moustafa

The International Handball Federation (IHF) is the administrative and controlling body for international team handball and has 159 national member federations.


World National championships[edit]


Further information: Handball at the Summer Olympics

World Club Championship[edit]

Title holders[edit]


Tournament Men Women Men's U-21 Women's U-20 Men's U-19 Women's U-18
World Cup  France (2015)  Brazil (2013)  Sweden (2013)  South Korea (2014)  Denmark (2013)  Romania (2014)
Olympics  France (2012)  Norway (2012) N/A
Commission Men Women Men's U-20 Women's U-19 Men's U-18 Women's U-17
Africa (CAHB)  Algeria (2014)  Tunisia (2014)  Egypt (2014)  Angola (2013)  Egypt (2014)  Angola (2013)
Americas (PATHF)  Argentina (2014)  Brazil (2013)  Brazil (2013)  Brazil (2014)  Brazil (2014)  Brazil (2014)
Asia (AHF)  Qatar (2014)  South Korea (2012)  Qatar (2014)  South Korea (2013)  South Korea (2014)  South Korea (2013)
Europe (EHF)  France (2014)  Norway (2014)  Germany (2014)  Russia (2013)  France (2014)  Sweden (2013)
Oceania (OCHF)  Australia (2014)  Australia (2013) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Beach handball Men Women
World Cup  Brazil (2012)  Brazil (2012)
Americas (PATHF)  Brazil (2014)  Brazil (2014)
Asia (AHF) (M) (W)  Qatar (2013)  Thailand (2013)
Europe (EHF)  Croatia (2013)  Hungary (2013)


IHF Tournament Men Women
World Cup for Champion Clubs FC Barcelona (2013) N/A
African Champions League Club Africain (2014) 1º de Agosto (2014)
Panamerican Clubs Championship Taubaté (2013) N/A
Asian Club League El Jaish SC (2013) N/A
EHF Champions League Flensburg (2014) Győri Audi ETO KC (2014)
Oceania Club Champions Cup Sydney Uni (2014) N/A

National Federation[edit]


The IHF issues awards to organisations and individuals in recognition of their particular contribution to developing the sport of handball and the IHF.

These awards are:

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