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International Health Sciences University (IHSU)
Established 2008
Type Private
Chancellor Lady Justice Julia Sebutinde
Vice-Chancellor Professor Scott Brown[1]
Location Kampala, Uganda
Campus Urban
Website Homepage

International Health Sciences University (IHSU) is a private non-residential university in Uganda.


IHSU has its main campus at 4686 St. Barnabas Road, Namuwongo, a southeastern section of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. IHSU's campus is located on the top floor of the building that houses International Hospital Kampala. The road distance from the central business district of the city to Namuwongo is approximately 6 kilometres (3.7 mi). The coordinates of the university campus are:00 18 18N, 32 36 36 (Latitude:0.3050; Longitude:32.6100).


International Health Sciences University is a member of the International Medical Group, a conglomerate of health-related businesses that include:[2]

  • International Hospital Kampala (IHK) - 200 bed state-of-the-art tertiary care hospital
  • International Air Ambulance (IAA)
  • International Medical Foundation (IMF)
  • International Health Sciences University (IHSU) - Began classes in 2008
  • International Diagnostic Center (IDC)

The university incorporated the Uganda Health Management Institute (UHMI), and the International Hospital School of Nursing (IHSON) as the two founding faculties of the university. In December 2010, the university marked its maiden graduation ceremony, held at the university campus at Namuwongo, a suburb of Kampala.[3]


IHSU was established and admitted the first class of students in August 2008. [4] The Chancellor of the University is Justice Julia Sebutinde of the International Criminal Court. The Vice Chancellor is Professor Scott Brown. The Chairman of the University Council is Dr. Moses Galukande. Dr. Ian Clarke, the founder of the university, was a member of the University Council until he relinquished that responsibility in 2010. The current members of the Council are listed at this reference:[5]

Schools and Institutes[edit]

As of March 2011, IHSU has one school and one institute:

  • Institute of Health Policy and Management[6]
  • School of Nursing[7]
  • School of Allied Health Sciences[8]
  • Faculty of Family medicine


Courses can be pursued (a) full-time (b) part-time (c) on-campus or (d) via remote e-learning. The following academic courses are offered at the university:[9]

Postgraduate Degree Courses[edit]

Undergraduate Degree Courses[edit]

Diploma Courses[edit]

  • Diploma Public Health
  • Diploma Clinical Medicince Community Health

Certificate Courses[edit]

  • Ethics and Integrity in Healthcare
  • Health Law and Regulations
  • Health Communication: Theory and Practice
  • Population, Poverty, and Health
  • Health and Development
  • Gender, Health, and Development
  • Healthcare Management and Administration
  • Refugee Health Management
  • Strategic Planning and Management for Healthcare Organizations
  • Quality Management in a Healthcare Setting
  • Human Resource Management for Health
  • Health Economics for Developing Countries
  • Health Policy Analysis
  • Healthcare Accounting

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Coordinates: 00°18′18″N 32°36′36″E / 0.30500°N 32.61000°E / 0.30500; 32.61000