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The International Horror Guild Award is a recognition presented by the International Horror Guild (IHG) to recognize the achievements of those who create in the field of horror and dark fantasy. Nancy A. Collins, the founder of the award, felt there was a need for an award granted by a large, unaffiliated group. The IHG Awards are determined by a jury of notable, knowledgeable horror/dark fantasy critics and reviewers. Although a juried award, the IHG judges ask that the public make recommendations through e-mail to help them in their search for the most meritorious works. These recommendations are taken into consideration when determining the nominees for the awards. The judges then determine the winners from each category from the final ballot of nominees. The IHG Awards are announced annually during a special presentation at a convention or other event. IHG Awards presentations have been held at World Fantasy Convention, World Horror Convention, and Dragon*Con. The IHG Awards are overseen by The Mirabundus Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization. Paula Guran serves as awards administrator.

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