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The International Institute for Young Musicians (IIYM) Summer Music Academy, under the direction of Dr. Scott McBride Smith, is an internationally recognized[citation needed] course of intensive study for young musicians, offering instruction of the highest caliber[citation needed] to students from around the world who wish to improve their mastery of performance. IIYM Artist Faculty members have earned an international reputation for their expertise in teaching and motivation[citation needed].

Former IIYM students have achieved recognition at the Van Cliburn Competition in Warsaw, International Tchaikovsky Competition, the Art Livre Competition in Brazil, the Hammamatsu Competition in Japan, Gina Bachauer Competition at Juilliard, the Chinese Arts Competition, and in contests sponsored by the American String Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association of the United States[citation needed].

IIYM assists participants in translating artistic vision into high performance through direct, practical, and fully involved guidance from internationally renowned professionals[citation needed]. Professors from 2007 included Charles Asche, Greg Knowles, Robert Koenig, John McCarthy, Lynda Metelsky, Marietta Orlov, Leonard Richter, Ronald Shinn, Claire Wachter, Jack Winerock, Fei Xu and the widely acclaimed Trio Fedele.[1] The summer camp takes place from 2–4 weeks at the University of Kansas each July, with over one hundred students.


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