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The International Jugglers' Association or IJA is the world's oldest and largest nonprofit circus organization, and is open to members worldwide. It was founded in the United States in 1947,[1] with the goal of providing, "an organization for jugglers that would provide meetings at regular intervals in an atmosphere of mutual friendship."[2] Though its focus lies on juggling, its programs also support other circus disciplines.[citation needed]

Programs and events[edit]

The International Jugglers' Association runs the following programs and events:

  • International Regional Competitions
  • The Video Tutorial Contest
  • World Juggling Day
  • eJuggle - the IJA's official publication
  • The Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC)

Conventions and competitions[edit]

The International Jugglers' Association holds the largest week-long juggling festival in North America. The largest juggling festival in the world is the European Juggling Convention, which was founded by members of the International Jugglers' Association in the late 1970s.

The convention is held in a different city each year during mid-to-late July. Aside from the competitions, at the convention there are shows open to the public in which professional jugglers perform, and workshops are taught by jugglers of all skill levels.

The organization maintains lists of IJA record-holders,[3] and IJA competitors.[4]

The IJA's Stage Championships are the formal world juggling championships that offers medals and prize money for juggling performances. These competitions are held during the week at the IJA's annual festival, held in the summer. There are three categories of IJA Stage Championships: Individuals (individual competitors), Teams (two or more people per team) and Juniors (individuals 17 years old or younger).

The Numbers Championships awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals to those who demonstrate that they can juggle the most balls, clubs or rings for the highest number of catches. Competition occurs in three categories: Individuals, Duos and Trios. See the current IJA records.[3] Starting at the 2006 convention, prize is given to each "numbers" winner, with an extra prize for anyone who breaks an existing International Jugglers' Association record.

Other competitions held at the IJA's annual festival include the Individual Prop Competitions, the Extreme Juggling Competitions, the World Joggling Championships, as well as traditional (and more informal) juggling games and events.


The IJA has published Jugglers' World and JUGGLE magazine. In 2012, the IJA transitioned to an all-digital form of communications, halting publication of JUGGLE magazine. Today, members read juggling news through eJuggle, hosted on the IJA's website.

In addition to the online magazine, the IJA also produces a monthly eNewsletter with IJA news, articles of interest, and news from the global juggling community.

Notable IJA Members[edit]

Presidents have included Ron Graham, co-inventor of Mill's Mess.

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