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The International Statistical Institute (ISI) is a professional association of statisticians. The Institut International de Statistique or International Statistical Institute was founded in 1885 although there had been international congresses from 1853.[1] The Institute publishes a variety of books and journals, and holds an international conference every two years. Its permanent office is located in the Statistics Netherlands building in Den Haag - Leidschenveen (The Hague), in The Netherlands.

The biennial convention of the ISI was commonly known as the ISI Session; however, since 2011 it is now referred to as the ISI World Statistics Congress.

It serves as an umbrella group for a number of specialized Associations:


ISI Committees fall under one of three categories: operational, special interest, and outreach.

Current Special Interest Groups are:

  • Agricultural sciences
  • Astrostatistics
  • History of statistics
  • Professional ethics
  • Promotion of statistics in the life sciences
  • Risk analysis
  • Sports statistics
  • Statistics of travel and tourism
  • Women in statistics

The Institute was established in 1885, and has about 4,000 elected members from government, academia and the private sector. The Associations also have members.

Presidents of ISI[edit]

The organization has had thirty-three presidents.[2]


ISI publishes the following journals:

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