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The International Supervisor for Brčko is the representative of the international community in the Brčko District.

As of 2014 all of the International Supervisors have been from the United States, while their principal deputies have been from European Union countries. International Supervisor for Brčko serves the role of Principal Deputy High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Suspension of the Office of the International Supervisor[edit]

Following the Peace Implementation Council meeting on 23 May 2012, it was decided to suspend, not terminate, the mandate of Brčko International Supervisor. Brčko Arbitral Tribunal, together with the suspended Brčko Supervision, will still continue to exist.[1]

List of International Supervisors[edit]

# Name Born-Died Took Office Left Office Country
1 Robert William Farrand 1934– 7 March 1997 2 June 2000  United States
2 Gary L. Matthews 1938– 2 June 2000 14 March 2001  United States
3 Henry Lee Clarke 1941– 20 April 2001 1 October 2003  United States
4 Susan Rockwell Johnson 1951?– 16 January 2004 1 October 2006  United States
5 Raffi Gregorian 1964– 1 October 2006 2 August 2010  United States
6 Roderick W. Moore 1964– 22 September 2010 21 October 2013[2]  United States
7 Tamir G. Waser 1956?– 21 October 2013 August 2014  United States
8 David M. Robinson 1955– 1 September 2014 Incumbent  United States

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