International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory

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FCT, the International Symposia on Fundamentals of Computation Theory is a biennial series of conferences in the field of theoretical computer science. It was established in 1977 for researchers interested in all aspects of theoretical computer science, and in particular algorithms, complexity, formal and logical methods. FCT was previously held in Poznan (Poland, 1977), Wendisch-Rietz (Germany, 1979), Szeged (Hungary, 1981), Borgholm (Sweden, 1983), Cottbus (Germany, 1985), Kazan (Russia, 1987), Szeged (Hungary, 1989), Gosen-Berlin (Germany, 1991), Szeged (Hungary, 1993), Dresden (Germany, 1995), Kraków (Poland, 1997), Iasi (Romania, 1999), Riga (Latvia, 2001), Malmö (Sweden, 2003), Lübeck (Germany, 2005), Budapest (Hungary, 2007), Wroclaw (Poland, 2009), Oslo (Norway, 2011)[1][2] and Liverpool (UK, 2013).[3]

FCT 2015 is planned to be held in Gdansk (Poland).[3]

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