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IVAO(International Virtual Aviation Organization)
Abbreviation IVAO VZW
Motto "As Real As It Gets"
Formation December 1998
Type Non-Profit Association[1]
Purpose Provide an environment for a realistic Flight and Air Traffic Control simulation via the internet
Membership 151,000+ (38,800 active)[2]
Vybhava Srinivasan
Main organ
General Assembly
Staff 715

IVAO VZW or International Virtual Aviation Organisation VZW,[3] is a non-profit organisation that operates a global and free-of-charge online flight-simulation network.[4] Following free registration users can connect to the IVAO Network (IVAN) either as a virtual air traffic controller or as a virtual pilot and engage and interact with each other in a massively multiplayer environment utilising real-world aviation procedures, phraseology and techniques.[5]


IVAO, with more than 151,000 registered members (38,800 of which active in the last three months),[2] is one of the two largest online flight simulation networks that allow users to act either as a virtual pilot or ATC.[6] IVAO relies solely on software developed by its own staff of volunteers. Air Traffic Controllers can connect to the IVAO network using IVAO's radar client, IvAc, that emulates the interface of a modern, real-world air traffic control radar scope. Pilots can connect using their flight simulator and the built-in pilot client, IvAp. All pilots and ATC thereby interact on a dedicated, one-world server environment that tries to simulate world-wide air traffic on an "as real as it gets" basis. While the greatest part of IVAO's active membership is based on Europe, VATSIM's membership mainly focuses around North America & UK.

IVAO logs all flight and controlling hours and offers its members to obtain virtual pilot and ATC ranks by undergoing training and passing theoretical and practical exams based around real-world aviation regulations and procedures. A fully integrated VA system offers Virtual Airlines the ability to operate on the IVAO Network even with fictional airline callsigns and liveries. Events and regular gatherings are organized on a daily basis. With approximately 8000 connections per day and an average weekday peak between 600 and 900 simultaneous connections, IVAO reached its current simultaneous connection record during the annual "Crowded Skies" event on January 8, 2011, with 2,303 members flying or controlling at the same time.[7]


The first steps for setting up flight simulation in a massively-multiplayer online environment were taken with the creation of SquawkBox and ProController in the mid-1990s. These two programs were connected to FSD, a simple flight simulator multiplayer server, which allowed to evolve from a one-to-one (one ATC and one plane) environment to a many-to-many environment.

Using these programs, SATCO (now VATSIM) was the first large network to create an online air traffic simulation environment. On December 16, 1998 IVAO was founded when a group of people left SATCO to form a new network after management conflicts developed within the organization.[8] In late 2005, another management conflict, this time within the IVAO organization, led to another split. The incumbent president of IVAO continued with, while other members of management continued the organization under[9] In 2007 IVAO officially registered as a non-profit organization under Belgian law.[10]

IVAO also took part in Flight SimCon 2013, held in Hartford, Connecticut.[11]

Active Divisions[edit]

As per January 2014, IVAO has 55 active divisions of the country from all over the world

ID Country Status Registered Members Active Members
DZ  Algeria Active 709 172
AR  Argentina Active 1485 186
AW  Aruba Active 175 25
AU  Australia Active 661 81
AT  Austria Active 1477 281
BY  Belarus Active 168 30
BE  Belgium Active 2650 404
BR  Brazil Active 19473 2853
BG  Bulgaria Active 323 73
CA  Canada Active 1752 163
CL  Chile Active 633 73
CN  China Active 1885 99
CO  Colombia Active 4527 988
CZ  Czech Republic Active 1871 262
DK  Denmark Active 206 54
DO  Dominican Republic Active 340 89
EG  Egypt Active 603 121
FI  Finland Active 601 96
FR  France Active 15515 2619
PF  French Polynesia Active 364 88
DE  Germany Active 15346 2496
GR  Greece Active 1081 223
HU  Hungary Active 1114 190
IN  India Active 322 72
ID  Indonesia Active 3451 823
IR  Iran Active 1019 239
IE  Ireland Active 260 38
IL  Israel Active 898 147
IT  Italy Active 10126 2157
KW  Kuwait Active 185 60
MX  Mexico Active 3523 444
MA  Morocco Active 370 70
NL  Netherlands Active 4173 843
AN CuraçaoSint Maarten Netherlands Antilles Active 265 67
NC  New Caledonia Active 145 143
PT  Portugal Active 1795 408
RO  Romania Active 417 83
RU  Russia Active 3007 706
SA  Saudi Arabia Active 620 146
SN  Senegal Active 185 44
SK  Slovakia Active 957 167
SI  Slovenia Active 259 51
ZA  South Africa Active 704 95
ES  Spain Active 12187 2057
SE  Sweden Active 164 75
CH   Switzerland Active 1728 323
SY  Syria Active 172 83
TH  Thailand Active 1175 172
TN  Tunisia Active 419 106
TR  Turkey Active 3277 493
UA  Ukraine Active 546 101
AE  United Arab Emirates Active 233 60
GB  United Kingdom Active 2634 535
US  United States Active 3649 379
VE  Venezuela Active 2206 418


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