International Young Democrat Union

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International Young Democrat Union
The IYDU logo is a stylised globe criss-crossed with blue lines.
Abbreviation IYDU
Motto "United for Freedom"
Formation 1981
Type Political international
Parent organisation
International Democrat Union

The International Young Democrat Union, abbreviated to IYDU, is a global alliance of centre-right political youth organisations.[1] Since it was first established in 1981, two years before its parent organisation the International Democrat Union (IDU), then re-established in 1991, the IYDU has grow from 14 Members to over 120 from across 80 different nations.[2]

The IYDU's Members embody a diverse array of histories, cultures and political traditions but are united together by a shared commitment to freedom and fighting socialism. The IYDU's members range from those from established democracies with deep rooted beliefs in individual freedom and liberty; to some who have experienced firsthand the destructive evil of communism; whilst others still continue to fight for basic freedoms.


The IYDU stands for conservative politics and free-market policies.[3]

The IYDU website lists the organisation's core values as democracy, respect for human rights, free markets, and free trade:

  • The IYDU believes that real democracy, with strong roots in a fully engaged community, is the only sustainable form of government.
  • The IYDU believes that it is a basic human right to live without fear of persecution, in particular on the grounds of race, religion or gender. This basic freedom is a pre-condition without which other human rights cannot exist. When there is freedom from fear, all opinions can be expressed. Only then can true democracy flourish.
  • The IYDU believes that free markets create free people, as free markets are the only way to build a system which promotes creativity, supports economic growth, and secures the individual freedom that underpins all human rights.
  • The IYDU is strongly opposed to trade barriers between states, as only with free trade comes real economic freedom. We believe that in order for the poverty cycle for the world’s one billion people who live in extreme poverty to be broken, free, but not exploitative, trade must play a pivotal role.

IYDU host a number of events for member organisations each year including a Freedom Forum (mid-year), an Annual Council Meeting, and overseas study visits. Speakers at IYDU events have included current and former heads of state and other prominent political figures from the centre-right family. Participants at IYDU conferences have progressed to become cabinet ministers, members of parliament, senior advisors and consultants, and leaders of industry in both the public and private sectors.

Parent Organisation[edit]

The parent organisation to IYDU, the International Democrat Union (IDU) is a working association of over 80 centre-right parties. Formed in 1983, founder members included Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; then US Vice-President George Bush Sr; Mayor of Paris, and later French President, Jacques Chirac; and the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.


Name[4] Years[5] Country[6] Organisation[7]
Elmar Brok 1981-1983  Germany Junge Union
Mark Heywood 1992–1994  Australia Young Liberals
Tony Zagotta 1994–1998  United States College Republicans
Andrew Rosindell 1998–2002  United Kingdom Conservative Future
Shane Frith 2002–2004  New Zealand Young Nationals
Donald Simpson 2004–2006  United Kingdom Conservative Future Scotland
Peter Skovholt Gitmark 2006–2008  Norway Young Conservatives
Tim Dier 2008–2010  United Kingdom Conservative Future
Daniel Walther 2010 – 2012  Germany Junge Union
Nicolas Figari 2012 – 2012  Chile Independent Democratic Union Youth
Aris Kalafatis 2012 – 2013  Greece Youth Organisation of New Democracy