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The international community is a phrase used in international relations to refer to a broad group of peoples and governments of the world. The term is typically used to imply the existence of a common point of view, towards such matters as specific issues of human rights. Activists, politicians and commentators often use the term in calling for action to be taken, e.g. against what in their opinion is political repression in a target country.

The term is commonly used to imply unanimous international support for a point of view on a disputed issue, e.g. to enhance the credibility of a majority vote in the United Nations General Assembly . Used in this way, it is a weasel phrase.

Noam Chomsky has sarcastically used the term to refer to the United States and its client states and allies.[1][2][3] Paradoxically, these states are the most common targets of alleged condemnation by the "international community".

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