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Coordinates: 34°13′37″N 108°54′36″E / 34.227080°N 108.909894°E / 34.227080; 108.909894

International House Xi'An
International House Xian
Xi'an, Shaanxi
China China
Type Language School
Established 2006

International House Xi'An, commonly referred to as IH Xian or simply IH, is located in Xian, Shaanxi, China. International House Xian was founded in 2006. International house is a language training center for Mandarin Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French and Korean.[1]


International House started out as Intertex language training before becoming affiliated with the International House Brand. While Su Peng trained as a psychologist in Hamburg, Germany he was approached by students that wanted to learn Chinese. On returning to China he found many local Chinese students were very interested in Europe and European languages. After deciding to open a language school in 2005 it took over a year to prepare and establish. International House quickly became popular and is now the premier language learning center in Xian .[2]


International House Xian is officially affiliated with International House World Organisation.[3]


  • International House language Immersion: focuses on Mandarin Chinese language and culture learning through immersion and one-on-one courses.
  • International House Summer internship: program helps University Students to gain experience in China for a summer with certification and living costs provided.


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