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This is a list of International rankings of Hong Kong.

Date Contest Host organisation Ranking Note
2002 and 2006 National IQ Rankings [1] IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the University of Ulster 1/185 countries Controversial
2001–05 World's Best Airports [2] Skytrax 1/155 countries
2006 6th Annual Global e-Government Study (Brown University)[3] Global e-Government 20/198 countries
Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2006[4] Reporters Without Borders 59/168 countries
Corruption Perceptions Index[5] Transparency International 15/163 countries
World Competitiveness Yearbook 2006[6] IMD International 2/61 economies Economies include those of countries and regions
World City's Skyline/Skyscrapers[7] Emporis Data Committee (EDC) 1/100 major cities Cities ranked by the visual impact of their skylines
Global Competitiveness Report - Growth Competitiveness Index Ranking[8] World Economic Forum 11/125 countries
World's Best Airports[2] Skytrax 2/165 countries
Business Competitiveness Index - BCI [9] World Economic Forum 10/121 countries
Human Development Index - HDI [10] United Nations 22/177 countries
Access Index (p.19)][11] FedEx: The Power of Access - 2006 Access Index 1/75 countries
2007 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index[12] World Economic Forum 6/124 countries
Index of Economic Freedom Heritage Foundation/The Wall Street Journal: 2008 1/157 countries Ranked 1st for 14 years in a row
Leading Centers of Commerce MasterCard study at the Wayback Machine (archived June 4, 2011) 5/63 countries rated 63 cities according to their legal and political framework, economic stability, ease of doing business, financial flow, business center status, and knowledge creation and information flow
World's most expensive cost-of-living Mercer Human Resource Consulting[13] 5/143 cities
World's Best Airports[2] Skytrax 1/155 countries
World Competitiveness Yearbook 2007[14] IMD International 3/55 economies The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2007 analyses and ranks the ability of nations to create and maintain an environment that sustains the competitiveness of enterprises
E-readiness Economist Intelligence Unit[15] 4/69 countries e-Readiness is the ability to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to develop one's economy and to foster one's welfare
World's best place for doing business[16] World Bank 4/178 countries Economies are ranked on their ease of doing business, from 1–178, with first place being the best. A high ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatory environment is conducive to the operation of business. This index averages the country's percentile rankings on 10 topics, made up of a variety of indicators, giving equal weight to each topic
Asia's best corporate governance survey[17] Asian Corporate Governance Association 1/11 countries
Global Financial Centre Index[18] City of London 3/10 cities The GFCI is a ranking of the competitiveness of financial centres based on a number of existing indices in combination with a regular survey of senior industry figures from around the world. Hong Kong ranked third behind New York and London.
IT industry competitiveness index[19] Economist Intelligence Unit 21/64 countries Index measures a supply of skills, an innovation-friendly culture, world-class technology infrastructure, a legal regime and well-balanced government support, as well as a competition-friendly business environment. Those countries possessing most of these “competitiveness enablers” are also home to high-performance IT industries: all but four of the top 22 countries in the EIU are also among the world's top countries in terms of IT labour productivity
Asian Cities of the Future 07/08[20] Financial Time 1/38 cities
2008 Capital Access Index 2007 Milken Institute 1/122 countries
Location Ranking Survey[21] ECA International 15/254 locations
World Competitiveness Yearbook[22] IMD 3/55 economies
Mortalities Due to Air Pollution WHO 8th[23]


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