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bauma 2007
bauma main entrance (2007)

The bauma, International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment (German Internationale Fachmesse für Baumaschinen, Baustoffmaschinen, Bergbaumaschinen, Baufahrzeuge und Baugeräte) is a trade fair held once every three years in Munich, Germany. Mainly, engineering vehicles and tools are shown for a duration of seven days.

With an area of 555,000 m², this is the largest fair in the world. It is hosted by Messe München International (MMI) at Messestadt Riem fairgrounds (Neue Messe München), 48°08′08″N 11°41′55″E / 48.1355°N 11.6986°E / 48.1355; 11.6986Coordinates: 48°08′08″N 11°41′55″E / 48.1355°N 11.6986°E / 48.1355; 11.6986, in the southeastern part of the city.

The 29th fair was held from April 19 to April 25, 2010. It attracted more than 3,150 exhibitors and more than 415,000 visitors from around 200 countries.[1] Due to the second eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland on 14 April 2010, extensive air travel disruption happened across large parts of Europe, leading to a significant decrease in the number of visitors (≈415,000) that year.

Since 2002, a similar fair has been held in Shanghai, China (the fifth being from November 23 to November 26, 2010).


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