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Site of the first International Walter Benjamin Society in Hamburg, 1968

The first Internationale Walter Benjamin Gesellschaft Gesellschaft [ɡəˈzɛlʃaft] (generally translated as "community" or "society"), here understood as "commune", was a founding within the 68er-Bewegung in Hamburg, at the time when the American Counterculture[1] reached Europe’s students.[2]

Formation and goals[edit]

Founded by Natias Neutert and supported by Hubert Fichte and others, the institute ought to intensify the knowledge of Benjamins works as literary critic, cultural philosopher, social critic, translator, radio broadcaster and essayist. One important goal of the „society“ was to propagate and promote Benjamin to a global prototype of theory of revolutionary change such as Marx.[3] A globally orientated discourse has been launched by a new International Walter Benjamin Society in Berlin in 2000. It wants to bring together „scientists and interested readers from all over the world" and organizes „large conferences every two years to Walter Benjamin, and related topics"[4]

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