ICG Group

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ICG Group
Type Public company
Industry Venture capital
Founded 1996
Headquarters Radnor, PA
Products Investments, Venture capital, Growth capital
Website www.icg.com

ICG Group (NASDAQICGE), (ICG) is a publicly traded venture capital firm founded in 1996 by Ken Fox and Walter Buckley.[1] ICG raised $178.8 million in an initial public offering on the Nasdaq in August 1999.[2]

By December 1999, ICG had a market capitalization of nearly $60 billion, larger than not only Internet stocks like both AOL and Yahoo!, but also other large cap stocks like GM or Gillette,[3] and by 2000, ICG had invested nearly $1.4 billion into business-to-business e-commerce start-up companies.[4]

However, by September 2001, the company had become a poster child for the dot-com bust of 2000-2001 as its stock priced crashed to less than $1 from its high of $212 in December 1999.[5]


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