Internet Protocol Version 5 (iPv5)

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Also known as IPv5
Genre Science Fiction, Action, Thriller
Format Web Series
Created by Will Forester
Directed by Will Forester

Victoria Vaccaro
Wade Hawkins
Will Forrester
Kay Cee
Zack Cluley
Mathieu Stewart
Andrew Duncan
Thierry Saintilus

Miles Meili
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
Executive producer(s) Will Forrester

Francois Saikaly

Joshua Lamb
Production company(s) Sector 7 Studios TM
Original channel sector7s
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Internet Protocol Version 5 also known as Ipv5 is an upcoming science fiction/action web series by Sector7. The series is created, written and directed by Will Forrester. The first season titled “Retribution” is scheduled to debut in 2013.[1]


The show is set in the near future where electronic devices can change the DNA structure of the users. A powerful organization, led by an ex CIA agent codenamed Gin; is spreading a virus through smartphones in an attempt to control humanity.


  • Victoria Vaccaro as Codename “Gin”
  • Wade Hawkins as Brian Andrews
  • Will Forrester as Kyle Walker
  • Kay Cee as Codename Woodbridge
  • Zack Cluley as Charlie
  • Mathieu Stewart as The Rainmaker
  • Andrew Duncan as Bourbon
  • Thierry Saintilus as Darius
  • Miles Meili as Charles Kaufman


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