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Interstate 135 marker

Interstate 135
Route information
Maintained by KDOT
Length: 95.738 mi (154.075 km)
Major junctions
South end: I‑35 / Kansas Turnpike in Wichita
  US-81 in Wichita
I‑235 in Wichita
K-15 in Wichita
US-54 / US-400 in Wichita
I‑235 / K-96 / K-254 in Wichita
US-50 / K-15 in Newton
US-56 in McPherson
K-4 near Lindsborg
North end: I‑70 / US-40 / US-81 in Salina
Highway system

Kansas numbered highways

K-131 K-136

Interstate 135 (abbreviated I-135) is a 95.7-mile-long Interstate Highway in central and south-central Kansas, USA. I-135 runs between the cities of Salina and Wichita. The route also runs through the cities of McPherson, Newton, and Park City. The interstate's northern terminus is at the junction of Interstate 70 and its southern terminus is with Interstate 35 (the Kansas Turnpike).

Until 1976, I-135 was designated as I-35W. It is the longest "spur" (3-digit number, first digit odd) in the Interstate system.[1]

Route description[edit]

I-135 begins at this exit from the Kansas Turnpike.
I-135 ends at this interchange with I-70.

I-135 begins from the south at Exit 42 on the Kansas Turnpike. (The exit is signed as I-135, I-235, US-81/Wichita/Salina.) US-81 joins I-135 half a mile later, and remains concurrent with it for the rest of its length. Less than a mile from the Kansas Turnpike tollbooth, I-235, a loop around the western side of Wichita, branches off the highway. I-135 continues northward from there, running just east of the Wichita downtown area. It reunites with I-235 at Milepost 11 at the loop's other end.

I-135 leaves Wichita and continues northward to Newton where it turns northwest around milemarker 33. The freeway continues in this direction for 20 miles (32 km), returning to a due north course at McPherson.

The stretch of I-135 in Saline County from the Saline-McPherson county line to the highway's terminus at Interstate 70, is designated as the Ben E. Vidricksen Highway. [1]

The route ends on the northwest side of Salina, at its intersection at I-70. The road continues as US-81 north of this interchange.


Interstate 35W
Location: Kansas
Existed: 1971[3]–September 13, 1976[2]

Construction on the Canal Route portion of I-135 (in Wichita, where the Chisholm Creek Canal runs through the median of the highway) was begun in 1971.[3] This portion of the route took eight years to complete with a cost of $32 million.[3]

Until September 13, 1976, I-135 was signed as I-35W. The Interstate's full length was completed in December 1979.[2]

Exit list[edit]

County Location Mile km Exit Destinations Notes
Sedgwick Wichita 0.000 0.000 I‑35 / Kansas Turnpike – Oklahoma City, Kansas City Southern terminus; I-35 exit 42
0.431 0.694 Kansas Turnpike toll booth
0.464 0.747 1 US-81 south (47th Street South) Signed as exits 1A (east) and 1B (west); south end of US-81 overlap. Last free exit southbound.
0.815 1.312 1C I‑235 north I-235 exit 1A
2.319 3.732 2 Hydraulic
3.211 5.168 3A K-15 south (Southeast Boulevard) Southbound exit and northbound entrance; south end of K-15 overlap
3.943 6.346 3B Pawnee
4.931 7.936 4 Harry Street
5.431 8.740 5A Lincoln Street
5.965 9.600 5B US-54 / US-400 (Kellogg Avenue) Signed as exit 6A southbound
6B 1st Street, 2nd Street
7A Central Avenue Southbound exit and northbound entrance
7B 9th Street, 8th Street
8 13th Street
9.003 14.489 9 21st Street
10.574 17.017 10A K-96 east
29th Street, Hydraulic
Signed as exits 10A (K-96) and 10B (29th Street, Hydraulic) northbound; south end of K-96 overlap
11.780 18.958 11A K-254 east – El Dorado
11B I‑235 south / K-96 west – Hutchinson North end of K-96 overlap
13.206 21.253 13 53rd Street
  14 61st Street
  16 77th Street
  17 85th Street
  19.233 30.953 19 101st Street
  22 125th Street
Harvey   25.274 40.675 25 K-196 east – Whitewater, El Dorado
Newton 28.277 45.507 28 CR-576 (Southeast 36th Street)
30 US-50 west / K-15 north – Hutchinson South end of US-50 overlap; north end of K-15 overlap
31 First Street, Broadway Street
32.653 52.550 33 US-50 east – Peabody, Emporia Northbound exit and southbound entrance; north end of US-50 overlap
34.777 55.968 34 K-15 – North Newton, Abilene
Hesston 40.520 65.211 40 Lincoln Boulevard
McPherson   46.102 74.194 46 K-260 west – Moundridge
  48.682 78.346 48 K-260 south – Moundridge
  54 CR-445 (Comanche Road) – Elyria, 18th Avenue CR 445 (Comanche Rd.) northbound exit and southbound entrance, 18th Ave. southbound exit and northbound entrance
  58.388 93.966 58
US-81 Bus. / K-61 – McPherson, Hutchinson
  60.509 97.380 60
US-56 / US-81 Bus. – McPherson, Marion
  65 CR-448 (Pawnee Road)
  72.934 117.376 72 Smoky Valley Road –Lindsborg, Roxbury
Saline   77.863 125.308 78 K-4 west – Bridgeport, Lindsborg South end of K-4 overlap
  81.959 131.900 82 K-4 east (Falun Road, Assaria Road) North end of K-4 overlap
  86.011 138.421 86 To K-104 (Mentor Road, Smolan Road)
Salina 88 Water Well Road
89 Schilling Road
90 Magnolia Road
92.389 148.686 92 Crawford Street
93.435 150.369 93 K-140 (State Street)
95.738 154.075 95 I‑70 / US-40 – Topeka, Hays
US-81 north – Concordia
Northern terminus and signed as exits 95A (I-70 east) and 95B (I-70 west); road continues north as US-81; north end of US-81 overlap; I-70 exits 250A-B
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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