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This article is about the section of Interstate 44 in Missouri. For the entire length of the highway, see Interstate 44.

Interstate 44 marker

Interstate 44
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length: 290.49 mi[1] (467.50 km)
Existed: 1956 – present
Major junctions
West end: I‑44 / Will Rogers Turnpike near Joplin
  US 166 / US 400 near Joplin
I-49 / US 71 near Joplin
US 160 in Springfield
US 65 in Springfield
US 63 in Rolla
US 50 near Union
I-270 in Sunset Hills
US 50 / US 61 / US 67 in Kirkwood
I-55 / I-64 / US 40 in St. Louis
East end: I-70 in St. Louis
Highway system

Missouri Highways

Route 43 Route 45

Interstate 44 (I-44) in the U.S. state of Missouri runs northeast from the Oklahoma state line near Joplin to I-70 in downtown St. Louis. It runs for about 293 miles (472 km) in the state.

Route description[edit]

I-44 approached by U.S. 71 just south of Joplin.

Interstate 44 enters Missouri in Newton County at the eastern terminus of the Will Rogers Turnpike, 200 yards south of the Kansas state line. The first interchange in Missouri is the eastern terminus of both U.S. Highway 166 and U.S. Highway 400. This highway next goes through southern Joplin and then begins a concurrency with Interstate 49/U.S. Highway 71 at Exit 11 just after entering Jasper County. The freeway turns to a more easterly heading (the old route of US 166), and then I-49/U.S. 71 splits off to the north at Exit 18.

I-44 next enters Lawrence County. Near Mount Vernon, the highway curves to the northeast. The section of highway to Halltown is a completely new highway, not oversunning any previous highways. At Halltown, the road curves back to due east, beginning to follow the general pathway of old U.S. Highway 66, which it does all the way to downtown St. Louis. I-44 then goes around the western and northern sides of Springfield, serving as the western terminus of the James River Freeway, as well as crossing both Route 13 and U.S. Highway 65. The Interstate Highway continues northeast, bypassing Lebanon.

In Pulaski County, I-44 enters the Mark Twain National Forest, and then leaves it to provide access to Waynesville, St. Robert, and Fort Leonard Wood, before re-entering the national forest. The freeway leaves the forest in Phelps County west of Rolla. I-44 then goes through Rolla, where it meets U.S. Highway 63. It continues its northeast course, passing near St. James, Cuba, Bourbon, Sullivan, and Saint Clair.

I-44 west in Springfield, Missouri.

I-44 next goes north of Pacific before moving into St. Louis County. I-44 then bisects Eureka before serving as the southern boundary of Route 66 State Park (the former site of Times Beach, known for its dioxin contamination and its eventual demolition and Superfund cleanup). I-44 then runs across unincorporated land before entering Fenton and having an interchange with Interstate 270 in Sunset Hills. I-44 then goes through Crestwood, Kirkwood, Oakland, Webster Groves, and Shrewsbury before entering the City of St. Louis. I-44 runs on a due east course through St. Louis until it meets Interstate 55 south of downtown. The two highways run concurrently for about two miles until I-55 turns east to cross the Mississippi River on the Poplar Street Bridge. I-44 then continues north through Downtown St. Louis on the former route of Interstate 70 to its junction with that highway at the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge.


I-44 follows the general route of, and completely replaced, historic U.S. Route 66 across Missouri.

A section of I-44 was moved slightly north between Powellville and Doolittle. The old road is highly visible for eastbound traffic near Powellville. As of April 2006, the rocks carved away for the new roadbed have virtually no lichen, reflecting that this construction occurred rather recently.[2]

The eastern terminus of I-44 was changed when the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge was opened in February of 2014, rerouting I-70 over the river along a more northern alignment. I-44 now takes the old I-70 alignment through the below-grade section of roadway in St. Louis, making the new eastern terminus being the interchange with I-70 near Cass Street.[3] The eastbound lanes of I-44 will meet the westbound lanes, and the eastbound lanes of I-70 will meet the westbound lanes of I-44.[3]

Business loops[edit]

Business Loop 44.svg
Business Spur 44.svg

All of Interstate 44's business loops are in Missouri. Most of these Business Loops were the former U.S. Route 66. Missouri also has the unusual occurrence of a business loop and business spur from the same interstate intersecting (the Waynesville-St. Robert loop and the Ft. Leonard Wood spur).

Exit list[edit]

NOTE: The easternmost exits on I-44 (after the 2014 extension in Downtown St. Louis) still possess their legacy exit numbers (from I-55 and the former section of I-70 respectively).

County Location Mile km Exit Destinations Notes
Newton   I‑44 west – Will Rogers Turnpike begins Tolled; continuation into Oklahoma
  1 US 166 west / US 400 west – Galena, Baxter Springs Last free exit westbound
  4 Route 43 south – Seneca, Joplin West end of Route 43 overlap
Joplin 6 I-44 Bus. east / Route 43 north / Route 86 – Racine, Joplin East end of Route 43 overlap
8 I-49 Bus. (Range Line Road) Signed as exits 8A (south) and 8B (north);[dubious ] diverging diamond interchange, converted from cloverleaf interchange[4] on July 19, 2013.[5]
Jasper   11A I-49 south / US 71 south to Route FF – Neosho, Fort Smith West end of I-49 / US 71 overlap
  11B Route 249 north to Route 66 – Joplin
  Prigmor Road (County Road 190) Construction is Scheduled to Start in 2015
  15 I-44 Bus. west / Route 66 west – Duenweg Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Fidelity 18A Route 59 south – Diamond
18B I-49 north / US 71 north – Carthage, Kansas City East end of I-49 / US 71 overlap
  22 County Road No. 100
  26 I-44 Bus. east / Route 37 – Sarcoxie, Reeds
  29 I-44 Bus. west / Route U – Sarcoxie, La Russell
Lawrence   33 County Road No. 1010
  38 Route 97 – Pierce City, Stotts City Eastbound exit to Route 97 south is via exit 33
  44 I-44 Bus. east / Route H – Mount Vernon, Monett
Mount Vernon 46 I-44 Bus. west / Route 39 / Route 265 – Mount Vernon, Aurora
  49 Route 174 – Chesapeake, Mount Vernon
  57 Route 96 – Avilla Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; Former US-66 west
  58 Route O / Route Z – Halltown
  61 Route K / Route PP
Greene   67 Route N / Route T – Republic, Bois D'Arc
  69 Route 360 east (James River Freeway) to US 60
  70 Route B / Route MM
  72 I-44 Bus. east / Route 266 (Chestnut Expressway) Former US-66
Springfield 75 US 160 (West Bypass) – Willard
77 Route 13 (Kansas Expressway) – Bolivar First diverging diamond interchange in North America, existing interchange converted June 21, 2009[6]
80 I-44 Bus. west (Glenstone Avenue) / Route H
82 US 65 – Branson, Sedalia Signed as exits 82A (south) and 82B (north)
  84 Route 744
Strafford 88 Route 125 – Strafford, Fair Grove
Webster   96 Route B – Northview
Marshfield 100 Route 38 / Route W – Marshfield
  107 Sampson Road, Sparkle Brook Road
Laclede Conway 113 Route J / Route Y – Conway
Phillipsburg 118 Route A / Route C – Phillipsburg Former US-66
  123 County Road
Lebanon 127 I-44 Bus. east (Elm Street, Evergreen Pkwy) / Route W / Morgan Road Former US-66
129 Route 5 / Route 32 (Jefferson Avenue) to Route 64 – Hartville
130 I-44 Bus. west (Elm Street) / Route MM – Lebanon
  135 Route F – Sleeper Former US-66
  140 Route N / Route T – Stoutland
Pulaski   145 Route 133 / Route AB – Richland
  150 Route 7 / Route P – Richland, Laquey
  153 Route 17 – Buckhorn
Waynesville 156 I-44 Bus. east / Route H – Waynesville, Fort Leonard Wood
St. Robert 159 I-44 Bus. – St. Robert, Waynesville Former US-66
161 I-44 Bus. west / Route Y – St. Robert, Fort Leonard Wood
  163 Route 28 – Dixon
  169 Route J
Phelps   172 Route D – Jerome, Dixon No westbound entrance
  176 Sugar Tree Road
Doolittle 179 Route C / Route T – Newburg, Doolittle
Rolla 184 I-44 Bus. east to US 63 south – Rolla Former US-66 east
185 Route E – Rolla
186 I-44 Bus. west / US 63 / Route 72 – Rolla, Jefferson City Former US-66
189 Route V (Hy Point Industrial Park Drive)
St. James 195 Route 8 / Route 68 – St. James Former US-66
Crawford   203 Route F / Route ZZ
Cuba 208 Route 19 – Cuba, Owensville
  210 Route UU
  214 Route H – Leasburg
Bourbon 218 Route C / Route J / Route N – Bourbon
Franklin Sullivan 225 Route 185 north / Route D – Sullivan, Potosi
  226 Route 185 south – Sullivan
  230 Route W / Route JJ – Stanton
St. Clair 239 Route 30 / Route AB / Route WW – St. Clair
240 Route 47 – St. Clair, Union
  242 Route AH
  247 US 50 west / Route O / Route AT – Union, Jefferson City West end of US 50 overlap
  251 Route 100 west – Washington Former US-66
  253 I-44 Bus. east / Route 100 east – Gray Summit Former US-66
Pacific 257 I-44 Bus. – Pacific
St. Louis Eureka 261 I-44 Bus. west / Six Flags Road – Allenton
264 Route 109 – Eureka
265 Williams Road Eastbound exit and entrance
  266 Lewis Road
  269 Beaumont Antire Road
  272 Route 141 – Fenton, Valley Park
Fenton 274A Bowles Avenue Signed as exit 274 westbound
274B Mraz Lane Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
275 North Highway Drive, Soccer Park Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Sunset Hills 276 I-270 – Memphis, Chicago
277A Route 366 east (Watson Road) Eastbound exit and westbound entrance, former US-66
Sunset Hills,
277B US 50 east / US 61 / US 67 (Lindbergh Boulevard) East end of US 50 overlap
278 Big Bend Road
Webster Groves 279 Berry Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
280 Elm Avenue
282 Murdoch Avenue, Laclede Station Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Shrewsbury 283 Shrewsbury Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
City of St. Louis 284A Jamieson Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
284B Arsenal Street Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
285 Southwest Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
286 Hampton Avenue - Forest Park, Saint Louis Zoo
287A Kingshighway Boulevard — Tower Grove Park
287B Vandeventer Avenue — Missouri Botanical Garden
288 Grand Boulevard, Louisiana Avenue — St. Louis University, Missouri School for the Blind
289 Jefferson Avenue
290A I-55 south – Memphis West end of I-55 overlap; Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
290B Lafayette Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance; former Route 755
290C 12th Street, Gravois Avenue (Route 30) Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
207C Truman Parkway Northbound exit and southbound entrance
208 Park Avenue, 7th Street
251C Memorial Drive – Downtown St. Louis, Gateway Arch, Busch Stadium
251B Memorial Drive – Gateway Arch, Riverfront, America's Center Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
250B Memorial Drive, Pine Street – Downtown St. Louis Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
251A I-55 north / I-64 east / US 40 east to I-70 east – Chicago, Indianapolis East end of I-55 overlap; no eastbound exit to I-64/US-40 west and no westbound entrance from I-64/US-40 east
250A Martin L. King Bridge – East St. Louis, Gateway Arch, Riverfront Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; former exit for Convention Center, Cole St, Arch-Riverfront
249D Broadway – Edward Jones Dome Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
249C Convention Center, Broadway – America's Center, Busch Stadium Westbound exit only
249B I-70 east – Chicago, Indianapolis Westbound exit only; eastbound becomes I-70 west
249A Tenth Street – Scottrade Center Westbound exit only
249A Madison Street – Scottrade Center Eastbound exit and entrance
I-70 west – Kansas City East end of I-44
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Route map: Google / Bing

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