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Interstate 555 marker

Interstate 555
Route information
Length: 44.00 mi[citation needed] (70.81 km)
Major junctions
South end: I-55 in Turrell
North end: Hwy. 91 in Jonesboro
Highway system
Hwy. 549 I-630

Interstate 555 (I-555) is a future Interstate Highway that is slated to connect Turrell, Arkansas, at I-55 to Jonesboro at Highway 91. I-555 will run along what is currently U.S. Route 63 (US 63), and the road was upgraded in the 2000s to Interstate Highway standards. The road is currently awaiting Interstate status pending a second crossing between Payneway and Marked Tree to accommodate farm equipment. I-555 will be the second Interstate with all three digits the same, and the first to be signed as an Interstate (I-444 in Oklahoma is unsigned).

Route description[edit]

The road provides a limited-access highway corridor between Memphis, Tennessee, and Arkansas's fifth largest city, Jonesboro.


The I-555 route was approved on January 10, 2001, consisting of upgrading the section of US 63 between Turrell to Jonesboro to interstate standards.

According to the 2007 Arkansas state highway map, only a segment from Tyronza to Gilmore was not yet up to freeway standards. However, as of August 5, 2007 the Highway 135 interchange on that section, the last one remaining, is open, thus making the route a true freeway.

A few mainline bridges between Marked Tree and Turrell are from the original two-lane U.S. 63 and are narrower than current Interstate Highway standards, but I-530 was approved in 1999 despite having a similar issue.

The last requirement to formally designate this route as I-555 is the construction of a parallel access road across a floodway between Payneway and Marked Tree, so that farm equipment will no longer have to use U.S. 63 to cross the floodway. When it is signed as I-555, farm equipment will be banned from the interstate; alternate routes for farmers would lead to detours of up to 1½ hours. Though reportedly funding for the access road itself is still up in the air as of 2013, the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (which owns the floodway as part of a wildlife management area) is proceeding with bids for a mitigation project apparently related to the floodway crossing.

Exit list[edit]

County Location Mile km Exit Destinations Notes
    1 I-55 / US 61 / US 63 south – West Memphis, St. Louis
Hwy. 77 south
South end of US 63 overlap; signed as exits 1A (north) and 1B (south); roadway continues southward as Hwy. 77
    2 Hwy. 77 north – Gilmore North end of Hwy. 77 overlap
    7 Hwy. 135 – Lepanto
    8 Hwy. 118 – Tyronza
    13 US 63B north / Hwy. 149 – Marked Tree
    14 US 63B south / Hwy. 75 west – Marked Tree
    18 Hwy. 14 west – Payneway, Harrisburg
    24 Hwy. 463 – Trumann
    29 Hwy. 69 (Speedway Street)
    35 Hwy. 463 – Bay
    36 Nestle Road
    39 Hwy. 18B east (Commerce Drive)
    40 US 63B north / Hwy. 463 – Jonesboro
    42A US 49 (Stadium Boulevard) / US 49B north South end of US 49 Bus.overlap
    42B Caraway Road
    44 Hwy. 1 (Harrisburg Road)
    45 US 49B south / Hwy. 18 east – Blytheville North end of US 49 Bus. overlap; south end of Hwy 18 overlap
    46 Hwy. 226 west (Woodsprings Road)
    47 Washington Avenue
    49 Hwy. 18 west / Hwy. 91 – Jonesboro
US 63 north
North end of Hwy. 18 overlap; roadway continues as US 63
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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