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Interstate 57 marker

Interstate 57
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT and IDOT
Length: 386.12 mi[1] (621.40 km)
Major junctions
South end: I-55 / US 60 in Miner, MO
  I-24 in Pulleys Mill, IL
I-64 in Mt. Vernon, IL
I-70 in Effingham, IL
I-72 in Champaign, IL
I-74 in Champaign, IL
I-80 to I-294 in Country Club Hills, IL
North end: I-94 in Chicago, IL
Highway system
Missouri Highways
US 56 MO Route 58
IL 56 IL IL 57

Interstate 57 (I-57) is an Interstate Highway in Missouri and Illinois that parallels the old Illinois Central rail line for much of its route. It goes from Sikeston, Missouri, at Interstate 55 to Chicago, Illinois, at Interstate 94. I-57 essentially serves as a shortcut route for travelers headed between the south (Memphis, New Orleans, etc.) and Chicago, bypassing St. Louis, Missouri. Between the junction of I-55 and I-57 in Sikeston, Missouri and the junction of I-55 and I-90/94 in Chicago, I-55 travels for 436 miles (702 km), while the combination of I-57 and I-94 is only 396 miles (637 km) long between the same two points. In fact, both the control cities on the overhead signs, as well as destination mileage signs, reference Memphis along southbound I-57, even as far north as its northern origin at I-94 in Chicago. Likewise, at its southern end, Chicago is the control city listed for I-57 on signs on northbound I-55 south of Sikeston, Missouri, even though I-55 also goes to Chicago.[2]

As of 2010, I-57 has no spur routes, nor are any planned in the nearby future. At a length of just over 386 miles (621 km), it is the longest two-digit interstate highway without an auxiliary route. I-57 has one Business Loop in Charleston.

Route description[edit]


Cairo I-57 bridge between Missouri and Illinois

In the state of Missouri, Interstate 57 runs northbound from Sikeston to the Cairo I-57 Bridge over the Mississippi River south of Cairo, Illinois.

After ending southbound at Interstate 55, the highway continues as U.S. Route 60, which meets U.S. Route 67 at Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and from there U.S. Route 67 goes south to Little Rock, Arkansas. The state of Missouri has proposed extending the I-57 designation down this corridor. However, this plan conflicts with Arkansas' plans to extend the Interstate 30 designation north on U.S. Route 67, a road of which a long section already meets Interstate Highway standards.[citation needed]

From the start of I-57 northbound, the US 60 concurrency goes about 12 miles.


The Dan Ryan Expressway West Leg (now more commonly referred to as I-57) at 99th St in 1970.

In the state of Illinois, Interstate 57 runs from the bridge over the Mississippi River north to Chicago. I-57 is the longest Interstate Highway in Illinois. Its route follows essentially the earlier route of US 51 in southernmost Illinois (US 51 has been diverted to I-57 where I-57 has always been close to old US 51 between Future City and Dongola) before taking a northeastward diagonal to Illinois 37, which remains intact as a town-to-town through route, past its interchange with Interstate 24 (the northwestern terminus of Interstate 24) near Pulleys Mill and a short duplex with Interstate 64 near Mount Vernon north to Effingham, where it has a short concurrence with Interstate 70. It then follows US 45 bypassing cities of Champaign and Urbana (where it meets Interstates 72 and 74), and heads north to Onarga whereafter it follows the formerly duplex path of US 45 and (now decommissioned in most of Illinois) old US 54 to Kankakee. At Kankakee it heads northward largely parallel to the now decommissioned route of old US 54 (since renumbered largely as Illinois 50) into greater Chicago, meeting Interstate 80 in Chicago suburbs and feeding Interstate 94 on Chicago's South Side.

Although I-57 serves as a long-distance bypass of St. Louis, the section between Mount Vernon and Pulleys Mill contains the most direct Interstate route between St. Louis and cities largely to the southeast of St. Louis (including Nashville and Atlanta). It serves as the northwestern terminus of Interstate 24 that leads southeastward to those cities and as the eastern terminus of Interstate 72 near Champaign.

The route is an easy way to reach Shawnee National Forest in the southern tip of the state. It also serves as a major artery for college students in the state, running near Shawnee Community College in Ullin, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, John A. Logan College in Carterville, Morthland College in West Frankfort, Rend Lake College in Ina, Lake Land College in Mattoon, Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Parkland College in Champaign, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Urbana-Champaign, Kankakee Community College in Kankakee, Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, and Governors State University in University Park. Interstate 57 currently does not have an intersection with Interstate 294 (Tri-State Tollway) in northeastern Illinois, though one is under construction.[3] It is one of only a few examples where Interstates cross but do not have interchanges with each other. Vehicles are directed to use Interstate 80 to access Interstate 294 instead, though U.S. Route 6 is another option.

I-57 remains the only Chicago expressway that does not have a commonly used name. Its Chicago-area portion was formerly known as the Dan Ryan Expressway–West Leg. I-57 was named the Ken Gray Expressway in southern Illinois after former U.S. Congressman Ken Gray (West Frankfort) for his work on getting the route planned through southern Illinois.


The portion between the Route 121/US 45 exit and the Watson–Mason exit was completed and opened prior to July 1965, linking I-57 to I-70, and running in tandem with I-70 for several miles, with access to Indianapolis to the east, and St. Louis to the west.[citation needed]

A 21.5-mile (34.6 km) section of I-57 in Jefferson County from Bonnie (using a temporary road that is still partially visible from the northbound lanes) to Route 161 opened on December 9, 1969.[4] The final section of I-57 in Illinois opened in December 1971 at Paxton.[5]

The portion of Interstate 43 from Milwaukee to Green Bay was originally numbered as Interstate 57.[6] The number was changed due to the existence of I-57 in Illinois.[7]


Interstate 57 may eventually be extended west along the U.S Route 60 corridor and then turn south along the future U.S Route 67 freeway corridor and head south to Little Rock, Arkansas. However, it conflicts with Arkansas's plans to extend Interstate 30 along that alignment.

Illinois Department of Transportation has proposed widening a section of I-57 to six lanes of traffic from I-24 to I-64.[8] This section of interstate has some of the highest AADT on I-57 outside of the Chicago metropolitan area, with truck traffic amounting up to 30% of all traffic in spots.[9] This section of I-57 has been the site of several interstate closing accidents in the past 10 years, including an incident involving a train derailment over the interstate near Benton in July 2004 and several fatal accidents in various construction zones.[10] The section in Mt. Vernon is due to be widened by 2013 with construction having begun in late 2011.[11]

IDOT and the Illinois Toll Highway Authority are building an interchange at the junction of I-57 with I-294, one of only two locations where Interstate Highways cross without an interchange.[12] This project is part of the Move Illinois Project.

In popular culture[edit]

The Champaign, Illinois, band Braid recorded a song titled "Interstate 57" on its debut album, Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five.

Exit list[edit]

County Location Mile[13] km Exit Destinations Notes
Scott Sikeston 0.000 0.000 US 60 west – Dexter, Poplar Bluff Continuation past I-55
1 I-55 – Memphis, St. Louis Signed as exits 1A (south) and 1B (north)
Mississippi Long Prairie Township 4.916 7.912 4 Route B – Bertrand
Charleston 10.745 17.292 10 I-57 Bus. north / Route 105 – Charleston, East Prairie
13.027 20.965 12 I-57 Bus. south / US 60 east / US 62 / Route 77 – Charleston, Wyatt North end of US 60 overlap
Mississippi River 22.328
Interstate 57 Bridge
Missouri–Illinois state line
Alexander   1 US 51 south / IL 3 – Cairo South end of US 51 overlap
Pulaski   8 Mounds Road
  18 Ullin Road
Union   24 Dongola Road
  25 US 51 north – Carbondale Northbound exit and southbound entrance
  30 IL 146 – Anna, Vienna
  36 Lick Creek Road
Johnson   40 Goreville Road
Williamson Goreville 44 I-24 east – Nashville
  45 IL 148
Marion 53 Main Street – Marion Former IL 13
54 IL 13 – Harrisburg, Marion, Carbondale In the process of conversion to a SPUI
Johnston City 59 Johnston City, Herrin
Franklin West Frankfort 65 IL 149 – West Frankfort, Zeigler
Benton 71 IL 14 – Christopher, Benton
  77 IL 154 – Sesser
Jefferson   83 Ina
  92 I-64 east – Louisville South end of I-64 overlap
Mt. Vernon 94 Veterans Memorial Drive
  95 IL 15 – Ashley, Mt. Vernon
  96 I-64 west – St. Louis North end of I-64 overlap
  103 Dix
Marion   109 IL 161 – Centralia
Salem 116 US 50 – Salem, Sandoval
  127 Kinmundy, Patoka
Fayette   135 IL 185 – Vandalia, Farina
No major junctions
Effingham   145 Edgewood
  151 Mason, Watson
  157 I-70 west – St. Louis South end of I-70 overlap
Effingham 159 Fayette Avenue – Effingham
160 IL 32 / IL 33
  162 US 45 – Sigel, Effingham Effingham signed southbound only
  163 I-70 east – Indianapolis North end of I-70 overlap
No major junctions
Cumberland   177 US 45 – Neoga
Coles Mattoon 184 US 45 / IL 121 – Toledo, Mattoon
190 IL 16 – Charleston, Mattoon Signed as exits 190A (east) and 190B (west)
192 CR 1000 north
Douglas Arcola 203 IL 133 – Arcola, Paris
  212 US 36 – Newman, Tuscola
Champaign   220 US 45 – Tolono, Pesotum, Tuscola
  229 Monticello, Savoy, Tolono
Champaign 232 Curtis Road
  235A University Avenue (via I-72 east)
  235B I-72 west – Springfield, Decatur
  237 I-74 – Indianapolis, Peoria Signed as exits 237A (east) and 237B (west)
  238 Olympian Drive
  240 Market Street
  250 US 136 – Fisher, Rantoul
Ford Paxton 261 IL 9 – Paxton, Gibson City
Iroquois   272 Buckley, Roberts Roberts signed northbound only
  280 IL 54 – Onarga, Roberts Roberts signed southbound only
  283 US 24 – Gilman, Chatsworth
  293 IL 116 – Ashkum, Pontiac
  297 Clifton
  302 Chebanse
Kankakee   308 US 45 / US 52 – Kankakee
Kankakee 312 IL 17 – Kankakee, Momence
315 IL 50 – Bradley, Bourbonnais
Manteno 322 Manteno
Will Peotone 327 Wilmington, Peotone
  335 Manhattan, Monee
Cook Richton Park 339 Sauk Trail
Matteson 340.69 548.29 340 US 30 / Lincoln Highway (21100 South) Signed as exits 340A (east) and 340B (west) southbound
342.21 550.73 342 Vollmer Road Signed as exits 342A (east) and 342B (west) southbound
Oak Forest 344.67–
345 I-80 to I-294 – Indiana, Iowa Signed as exits 345A (east) and 345B (west)
346.62 557.83 346 167th Street Cloverleaf with collector–distributor lanes
Markham 347.90 559.89 348 US 6 (159th Street) Cloverleaf with collector–distributor lanes
Posen 350.15 563.51 350 IL 83 (147th Street, Sibley Boulevard)
Calumet Park 353.25 568.50 353 127th Street, Burr Oak Avenue (12700 South)
Calumet Park
354.25 570.11 354 119th Street
Chicago 355.27 571.75 355 111th Street, Monterey Avenue (11200 South)
357.32 575.05 357 IL 1 (Halsted Street (800 West))
358.47 576.90 Wentworth Avenue (200 W) No exit number; southbound exit only for traffic from EB I-94
I-94 east (Bishop Ford Freeway) – Indiana
I-94 west (Dan Ryan Expressway) – Chicago Loop
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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