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This article is about the section of Interstate 64 in Missouri. For the entire length of the highway, see Interstate 64.

Interstate 64 marker

Interstate 64
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length: 40.6 mi[1] (65.3 km)
Existed: 1956 – present
Major junctions
West end: I-70 / US 40 / US 61 in Wentzville

I-270 in Town and Country
US 61 / US 67 in Frontenac
I-170 in Richmond Heights

I-55 / I-44 in St. Louis
East end: I-55 / I-64 / US 40 in St. Louis
Counties: St. Charles, St. Louis, City of St. Louis
Highway system

Missouri Highways

US 63 Route 64

Interstate 64 (I-64) passes through in the St. Louis area in the U.S. state of Missouri. The entire route overlaps U.S. Route 40 (US 40). Because the road was a main thoroughfare in the St. Louis area before the development of the Interstate Highway System, it is not uncommon for locals to refer to the stretch of highway as "Highway 40" rather than "I-64". On December 6, 2009, the portion of the highway running through the city of St. Louis was named the Jack Buck Memorial Highway in honor of the late sportscaster.[2]

Route description[edit]

I-64 begins at an interchange with Interstate 70, U.S. Route 40, and U.S. Route 61 in Saint Charles County and heads south. Previously, the freeway was a divided highway signed only as U.S. 40 with at-grade intersections, which were slowly converted to limited-access exits. The final intersection at Callahan Road was removed on October 14, 2009.[3] The next major exit is for Route N (Missouri), which will be eventual western terminus of Missouri Route 364. Pavement stubs indicate what the eventual interchange will look like, which has a completion date of December 2014.[4] From here, I-64 continues past an interchange with Route 94 and crosses the Missouri River via the Daniel Boone Bridge and enters Saint Louis County.

The freeway travels through the congested Chesterfield Valley, where it gains a fourth lane and then meets Interstate 270 at a flyover interchange built in the early 1990s in the city of Town and Country. Continuing east, I-64 remains four lanes and travels through the affluent areas of Frontenac and Ladue. The next major interchange is Interstate 170 in the city of Richmond Heights. This stretch, between Ballas Road and I-170, was closed in 2008 for a complete reconstruction, at which point substandard exits were upgraded and the fourth lane was added. The interchange with I-170 was also overhauled, creating a full interchange with high speed ramps in all directions. The reconstructed expressway opened to traffic on the morning of December 15, 2008.

East of the interchange with I-170, I-64 drops a lane and stays at three through lanes to Clayton Road. Through here, the expressway passes through older neighborhoods and enters into the city of Saint Louis. After re-adding a fourth lane, the freeway skirts the southern edge of Forest Park. In this area, one finds both the St. Louis Science Center and St. Louis Zoo. Kingshighway marks the end of the completely reconstructed eastern half, where again outdated exits were updated and shoulders widened. The eastern half was closed from December 15, 2008 to December 7, 2009.[5] I-64's speed limit drops from 60 to 55 miles per hour east of Kingshighway and drops a lane at Vandeventer Ave (the opposite of the westbound lanes). Passing by Saint Louis University, the freeway becomes double-decked for the first time (eastbound lanes lower level, westbound lanes upper level), gaining back a fourth lane east of Compton Avenue. Another lane drop occurs at the Chestnut Street/20th Street exit, where the cancelled Missouri Route 755 was to interchange. The freeway passes just south of the Scottrade Center and again becomes double-decked in the same arrangement, passing within fifty feet of the New Busch Stadium. The route becomes two lanes as it approaches the Mississippi River and the Poplar Street Bridge, where it is intersects Interstate 55 and Interstate 44 at an incomplete interchange. Eastbound I-64 cannot directly access either of the other routes. Westbound I-64, however, can directly access both. I-64 continues into Illinois concurrent with I-55.


Initial construction[edit]


In 2008, I-64/US 40 was closed in this area for a complete reconstruction between 2008 and 2009. Shown is the Spoede Road overpass above I-64. This overpass was demolished in June 2008.

The Missouri Department of Transportation rebuilt the stretch of I-64 from Spoede Road to Kingshighway Boulevard between 2008 and 2009. The project included new concrete pavement on the highway; approximately 25 rebuilt bridges; and several reconfigured interchanges, including a new freeway-to-freeway interchange at Interstate 170.

The section between Spoede Road and I-170 was closed for reconstruction on Jan 2, 2008 and opened to traffic on December 15, 2008. The section between I-170 and Kingshighway Boulevard was closed on December 15, 2008 and reopened to traffic December 7, 2009.[6]

Exit list[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Exit[7] Destinations Notes
St. Charles Wentzville 0.0 0.0 1A-B I-70 / US 40 west – Kansas City, St. Charles
US 61 north – Hannibal
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; signed as exits 1A (west) and 1B (east); roadway continues beyond I-70 / US 40 west as US 61; north end of US 61 overlap
1.0 1.6 1C Prospect Road
Lake St. Louis 2.9 4.7 2 Lake St. Louis Boulevard
  3.7 6.0 4 Route 364 / Route N
O'Fallon 5.8 9.3 6 Route DD (Winghaven Boulevard)
9.5 15.3 9 Route K – O'Fallon
Weldon Spring 10.7 17.2 10 Route 94 – St. Charles Westbound exit via exit 9
11.5 18.5 11 Research Park Circle No westbound entrance
St. Louis Chesterfield 13.5 21.7 14 Chesterfield Airport Road Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
14.2 22.9 15 Spirit of Saint Louis Boulevard Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
16.2 26.1 16 Long Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
16.6 26.7 17 Boone's Crossing
18.7 30.1 19A Chesterfield Parkway
19.1 30.7 19B Route 340 (Olive Boulevard, Clarkson Road)
20.5 33.0 20 Chesterfield Parkway Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
20.9 33.6 21 Timberlake Manor Parkway
Town and Country 21.9 35.2 22 Route 141 (Woods Mill Road)
23.2 37.3 23 Maryville Centre Road No eastbound exit
23.0 37.0 24 Mason Road
25.3 40.7 25 I-270 – Tulsa, Chicago, Memphis
26.0 41.8 26 Route JJ (Ballas Road)
Frontenac 27.2 43.8 27 Spoede Road
27.7 44.6 28A US 61 south / US 67 (Lindbergh Boulevard) South end of US 61 overlap
Ladue 28.9 46.5 28B Clayton Road Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
30.0 48.3 30 McKnight Road
Richmond Heights 30.3 48.8 31A I-170 north – Clayton
31.0 49.9 31B Brentwood Boulevard, Hanley Road Roads connected via one way collector road
32.6 52.5 33A Big Bend Boulevard
33.0 53.1 33B Bellevue Avenue Eastbound exit; westbound entrance via collector road connected to Big Bend Boulevard entrance ramp
City of St. Louis 33.3 53.6 33C McCausland Avenue
34.0 54.7 34A Clayton Road, Skinker Boulevard Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
34.4 55.4 34B Hampton Avenue Eastbound slip ramp exit to Oakland Avenue eastbound
35.6 57.3 36A Kingshighway Boulevard
36.5 58.7 36B Boyle Avenue Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
36.7 59.1 36C Vandeventer Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
37.5 60.4 37A Market Street, Bernard Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
37.6 60.5 37B Grand Boulevard Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
38.1 61.3 38A Forest Park Avenue, Grand Boulevard Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
38.3 61.6 38B Market Street, 3000 West Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
38.4 61.8 38C Jefferson Avenue Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
38.6 62.1 38D Chestnut Street, 20th Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance / planned, but not built urban expressway
38.9 62.6 39A Market Street, 21st Street Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
39.2 63.1 39B 14th Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
39.5 63.6 39C 11th Street – Busch Stadium Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
39.8 64.1 40A 9th Street, Tucker Boulevard – Busch Stadium Westbound exit only; eastbound entrance via 6th Street
39.9 64.2 40B 6th Street Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
40.3 64.9 40C I-55 south / I-44 west – Memphis, Tulsa West end of I-55 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
40.5 65.2 I-44 east Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
Mississippi River 40.6 65.3 Poplar Street Bridge
St. Clair East St. Louis 210.45 338.69 I-55 north / I-64 east / US 40 Continuation into Illinois
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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