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Interstate 69 marker

Interstate 69
Highway system

There are currently four business routes of Interstate 69 (I-69) in the US state of Michigan. They are all former routings of I-69's predecessor highways, US Highway 27 (US 27), M-78 or M-21.


Business Loop Interstate 69
Location: Coldwater
Length: 5.202 mi[1] (8.372 km)
Existed: 1967[2]–present

Business Loop I-69 (BL I-69) is a business loop formed from part of the old US 27 and part of US 12 near and through Coldwater. At the southern end, it begins at exit 10 on I-69 where Fenn Road crosses the freeway. The business loop follows Fenn Road west for about three-quarters of a mile (1.2 km), then curves north to merge with old US 27 (Angola Road). The highway runs northward through farmland south of Coldwater, and after approximately two miles (3.2 km), it enters the city limit at Garfield Road. Once in Coldwater, the business loop follows Clay Street through residential neighborhoods. After another half mile (0.8 km), the highway reaches a fork where Clay Street continues due north and Division Street branches to the northeast; BL I-69 follows Division Street for about another mile (1.6 km) to the main intersection in the city known locally as "the Four Corners." This intersection is where old US 27 intersects US 12 (Chicago Street). BL I-69 turns eastward along US 12 and continues from the Four Corners back to I-69 at exit 13.[3] The first section of the I-69/US 27 freeway was scheduled to open east of Coldwater in late 1967,[2] and the business loop appeared on maps the next year.[4]

Major intersections
The entire highway is in Branch County.

Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
OvidColdwater township line 0.000 0.000 I‑69 – Fort Wayne, Lansing Southern terminus at exit 10 on I-69
Coldwater 3.734 6.009 US 12 west – Niles Western end of US 12 concurrency
5.202 8.372 I‑69 – Fort Wayne, Lansing
US 12 east
Eastern end of US 12 concurrency; northern terminus at exit 13 on I-69
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Business Loop Interstate 69
Location: Charlotte
Length: 4.891 mi[1] (7.871 km)
Existed: December 11, 1961–present

Business Loop I-69 (BL I-69) is a business loop that took over the Business US 27 route inside of Charlotte. It is a surface street for the nearly five miles (8.0 km) of the loop. The trunkline starts just outside of the city of Charlotte at exit 57 and follows Cochran Road The loop travels due north for about 2.5 miles (4.0 km) where it begins a short 0.7-mile (1.1 km) concurency with M-50. That intersection also marks the eastern terminus of M-79. M-50 continues north, and the business loop heads east on Lawrence Avenue for a few blocks. From that point, it veers northeast into Lansing Street and then completes its loop at exit 61.[5]

The route was first designated Business US 27 after the 1961 completion of a non-freeway bypass, a two-lane highway with limited access on the east of the city. At that point I-69 only existed in the southern parts of Michigan. That freeway was not extended up to the city when the southernmost segment of I-69 was completed in 1967. By 1970, I-69 was completed to Charlotte and at the time US 27 was cosigned with I-69, the bypass being incorporated into I-69. For four years the business loop in Charlotte was not signed as BL I-69, but it was so designated in 1974 and BUS US 27 was decommissioned in and near Charlotte.

Major intersections
The entire highway is in Eaton County.

Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
CarmelEaton township line 0.000 0.000 I‑69 – Fort Wayne, Lansing Southern terminus at exit 57 on I-69
Coldwater 2.806 4.516 M‑50 east (Shepherd Street) – Eaton Rapids Southern end of M-50 concurrency
3.528 5.678 M‑50 west (Cochran Avenue) – Grand Rapids
M‑79 west (Lawrence Avenue) – Hastings
Northern end of M-50 concurrency
4.891 7.871 I‑69 – Fort Wayne, Lansing Northern terminus at exit 61 on I-69
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Business Loop Interstate 69
Location: LansingEast Lansing
Length: 14.591 mi[1] (23.482 km)
Existed: 1987–present

Business Loop I-69, or BL I-69, is a business loop route in Lansing area. Beginning at I-96/I-69 at exit 93 west of the city, it runs easterly along Saginaw Hwy and Saginaw St concurrently with M-43. Within Lansing, BL I-69 utilizes a one-way pair of streets: Saginaw St eastbound and Oakland St westbound. Near its junction with US 127, M-43 departs to the southeast via Grand River Ave while BL I-69 turns northeasterly via Saginaw St until it terminates back at I-69 at Exit 94 in Clinton County northeast of E. Lansing.[6]

The route was first designated in 1987 after the completion of the northern freeway loop of I-69 around Lansing. It is the longest business route in the state of Michigan at a length of over 14 miles (23 km). The portion of BL I-69 from BL I-96 in Lansing easterly was originally part of M-78.

Major intersections

County Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Eaton Delta Township 0.000 0.000 I‑96 / I‑69 – Fort Wayne
M‑43 west – Hastings
Western end of M-43 concurrency; western terminus at exit 93 on I-96/I-69
Ingham Lansing 4.329 6.967 BL I‑69 west / M‑43 west (Oakland Avenue) Western end of one-way pairing
6.402 10.303 BL I‑96 east (Cedar Street) Eastbound direction for BL I-96
6.497 10.456 BL I‑96 west (Larch Street) Westbound direction for BL I-96
Lansing Township 8.238–
US 127 – Lansing, Clare Exit 78 on US 127
Lansing 8.449–
M‑43 (Grand River Avenue) Eastern end of M-43 concurrency; eastern end of one-way pairing with Oakland and Grand River avenues
East Lansing 10.790 17.365 Western end of divided highway
Clinton Bath Township 14.147 22.767 Old M-78 Eastern end of divided highway; western end of freeway
14.591 23.482 I‑69 – Lansing, Flint Eastern terminus at exit 94 on I-69
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Port Huron[edit]

Business Loop Interstate 69
Location: Port Huron
Length: 3.077 mi[1] (4.952 km)
Existed: December 1984–present

Business Loop I-69 is a loop route running through downtown Port Huron, Michigan. The first mile of BL I-69 is freeway but upon intersecting 32nd St it turns into a one-way pair of surface street: eastbound along Oak St, westbound along Griswold St. In downtown Port Huron, BL I-69 turns northerly running concurrently with BL I-94 via Main St, Huron Ave and Pine Grove Ave. BL I-69 terminates at I-94/I-69 at the western end of the Blue Water Bridge.[7]

Major intersections
The entire highway is in St. Clair County.

Location Mile[1] km Destinations Notes
Port Huron Township 0.000 0.000 I‑94 west / I‑69 west] – Detroit, Flint Eastern terminus at exit 271 on I-94 and exit 198 on I-69; eastbound entrance and westbound exit
Port Huron 2.940 4.731 BL I‑94 west (Military Street) Southern end of BL I-94 concurrency
2.348 3.779 I‑94 east / I‑69 east – Blue Water Bridge Part of exit 275 on I-94/I-69
2.625 4.225 M‑25 north (Pine Grove Avenue) Southern terminus of M-25
3.077 4.952 I‑94 west / I‑69 west – Detroit, Flint
BL I‑94 south
Northern end of BL I-94 concurrency; western terminus at exit 275 on I-94/I-69
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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