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Interstate 94 marker

Interstate 94
Route information
Maintained by INDOT
Length: 45.75 mi[1] (73.63 km)
Major junctions
West end: I-80 / I-94 / US 6 at Illinois state line
East end: I-94 at Michigan state line
Highway system
  • Indiana State Roads
I-90 SR 101

Interstate 94 (I-94) is a part of the Interstate Highway System that runs from Billings, Montana, to Port Huron, Michigan. I-94 enters Indiana from Illinois in the west, in Munster and runs generally eastward through Hammond, Gary and Portage, before entering Michigan northeast of Michigan City. The interstate runs for approximately 45.75 miles (73.63 km) through the state. The landscape traversed by I-94 include urban areas of Northwest Indiana, wooded areas, and farmland. The section of I-94 between the Illinois state line and Lake Station is named the Borman Expressway.

Route description[edit]

Interstate 94 enters Indiana from Illinois on the Borman Expressway, in Munster. The freeway heads towards the east as a ten-lane interstate, quickly entering the City of Hammond. The road has an interchange with Calumet Avenue, which US 41 is concurrent with towards the north of the interchange. After the Calumet interchange is an interchange with Indianapolis Boulevard, which carries US 41 south of this interchange and SR 152 to the north. East of Indianapolis Boulevard the interstate passes over Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks, before having an interchange with Kennedy Avenue. After Kennedy Avenue, the freeway passes to the north of industrial properties, before having an interchange at SR 912, also known as Cline Avenue.[2][3] Between Kennedy Avenue and SR 912 is one of the highest average annual daily traffic (AADT) in the state at 163,912 vehicles.[4] At the interchange with Cline Avenue, the Borman Expressway becomes an eight-lane interstate, it also leaves Hammond and enters the City of Gary.[2][3][5]

East of SR 912 the interstate has an overpass over railroad tracks, before having an interchange with Burr Street. After Burr Street the highway passes near woodland, as a ten-lane interstate. The freeway has an interchange with both Grant Street and Broadway. The interstate has an interchange with I-65. Central Avenue has an incomplete interchange, eastbound exit and westbound entrance, with the interstate that is accessed through ramps at I-65 exit. East of Central Avenue the freeway becomes a six-lane interstate passing near wooded areas, with farmland. The highway enters Lake Station and has an interchange with US 6. East of the interchange with US 6, the Borman Expressway has an interchange with the Indiana Toll Road. I-80 leaves I-94 and heads east of the toll road. The Borman Expressway name ends at the toll road interchange. The freeway passes over the toll road, before leaving Lake Station and entering Portage.[2][3]

In Portage the interstate passes over US 20 and begins to parallel US 20, before having an interchange with SR 249. East of SR 249 the highway leaves Portage and enters Burns Harbor, before passing under SR 149. I-94 has a cloverleaf interchange with US 20, before entering Porter. While passing through Porter, the highway passes over a Norfolk Southern railroad track. After Porter the road enters Chesterton and has an interchange with SR 49. East of SR 49 the freeway leaves Chesterton entering rural Porter County, before entering LaPorte County. The interstate has an interchange with US 421 just south of Michigan City. The road curves to the northeast, bypassing Michigan City to the southeast, having an interchange with US 20. After US 20, I-94 passes over a Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad track, before leaving the Michigan City area and entering Michigan.[2][3][5] The segment of freeway between US 20 and the Michigan state line has the lowest AADT on I-94 in the state of Indiana, at 37,179 vehicles.[4]


The eastern section of I-94 in Indiana was completed last, after the nearby Michigan section had been completed, leading to what was called in the interim the "Cornfield Roadblock".[citation needed]

Exit list[edit]

County Location Mile[1] km Exit Destinations Notes
Lake Munster 0.00 0.00 I-80 west / I-94 west / US 6 west – Chicago Illinois state line
Hammond 0.87 1.40 1 US 41 north (Calumet Avenue) – Hammond, Munster, Chicago Western end of US 41 concurrency
2.39 3.85 2 US 41 south / SR 152 north (Indianapolis Boulevard) – Hammond, Highland Eastern end of US 41 concurrency; serves Purdue University Calumet
3.35 5.39 3 Kennedy Avenue Serves Visitors' Center
Gary 4.92 7.92 5 SR 912 (Cline Avenue) – East Chicago, Griffith Serves Gary/Chicago International Airport
6.44 10.36 6 Burr Street
8.96 14.42 9 Grant Street
9.92 15.96 10 SR 53 (Broadway) Serves Indiana University Northwest
I-65 to Ind. Toll Rd. – Indianapolis, Chicago via toll road Signed as exits 11 (south) and 12 (north) eastbound and exit 12 westbound
Lake Station 12.68 20.41 13 Central Avenue Eastbound exit (shares ramp with I-65 north, Exit 12) and westbound entrance
15.00 24.14 15 US 6 east / SR 51 to US 20 (Ripley Street) Eastern end of US 6 concurrency; signed as exits 15A (south/east) and 15B (north); westbound exit 15B is part of exit 16
15.51 24.96 16 I-80 east / I-90 / Ind. Toll Rd. – South Bend, Chicago Eastern end of I-80 concurrency
Porter Portage 18.82 30.29 19 SR 249 – Port of Indiana, Portage
Porter 22.13–
22 US 20 – Burns Harbor, Porter Signed as exits 22A (west) and 22B (east)
Chesterton 26.05 41.92 26 SR 49 – Chesterton, Valparaiso Signed as exits 26A (south) and 26B (north); serves Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
LaPorte Coolspring Township 34.24–
34 US 421 – Westville, Michigan City Signed as exits 34A (south) and 34B (north)
Springfield Township 39.95 64.29 40 US 20 to US 35 – South Bend, Michigan City, La Porte Signed as exits 40A (east/south) and 40B (west/north)
45.75 73.63 I-94 east – Detroit Michigan state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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