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An interstitial space or interstice is an empty space or gap between spaces full of structure or matter. In particular, interstitial may refer to:

Physical sciences[edit]





  • Interstitial art, any work of art whose basic nature falls between, rather than within, the familiar boundaries of accepted genres or media
  • Interstitial space (architecture)
  • Interstitial music, a (usually short) transitional piece of music between two scenes in a theatrical production.


  • Interstitial program, short television programming which is often shown between movies or other events
  • A synonym for station identification in television broadcasting, typically a static logo
  • Interstitial webpage, a web page that is displayed before an expected content page, often to display advertisements or confirm the user's age


  • Interstices, a period of three months required between ordination to the diaconate and to the priesthood in Roman Catholicism


  • "Interstital federal lawmaking" is a species of "U.S. common law" which arises where Congressional statutes implicitly compel federal courts to fill gaps to interpret the federal law, should a case or controversy arise, where the transactions or issues typically would be controlled by state law (such as real property regulatory programs). United States v. Little Lake Misere Land Co., 412 U.S. 580 (1973).

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